Essay history


A compromise can be termed as an agreement between two or moreparties where the parties arrive at a settlement. The United Stateshas had several compromises in its history. One of the majorcompromises by the United States occurred in 1850 when various billswere passed by congress. One of the bills defused that conflict thathad been there between the slave and the Free states. The compromiseended the territorial wars that had occurred after the Mexican warwith the US. The compromise ensured the surrender of New Mexico byTexas and the admission of California as a free state. Additionally,the south allowed New Mexico and Utah into their territory and weregiven the authority to decide whether they should have slavery ornot. The compromise of 1850 also ensured that slave trade wasabolished in Washington. However, it is essential to note thatdespite ending slave trade in Washington, slavery was not abolished.It is clear that the US and various states such as Texas compromisedon their demands and settled for what may be viewed as being less.This comprise was significant prior to the civil war. The compromisepostponed the civil war for 10 years.

Another major comprise that averted a civil war for 30 years was theMissouri compromise of 1820. It is essential to state that Missouriwas seeking to be included in the Union but the US had a conditionthat slavery must be restricted in the state if it had to be admittedinto the Union. On the contrary, the state of Missouri was unwillingto adhere to this condition. This implies that either the US or thestate of Missouri had to compromise. It is argued that the admissionof Missouri as a slave state would bring an imbalance in the senatehence leading to conflict. As a compromise to this dilemma, the stateof Maine was created which was a free state. This allowed for theadmission of Missouri State as slave state into the union. It isclear that were it not for the compromise, the imbalance in thesenate would have led to tensions or even to civil war between thepro-slave states and the anti-slave states. The role that thiscompromise played in the history of the US is preventing civil warfor a period of over 30 years.

The two comprises discussed above led to the great tensions betweenthe northern states and the southern states regarding the issue ofslavery. The creation of the 36 30’ was a great incentive into thecivil war. The admission of the new states such as Missouri and Mainestates allowed the senate to create tensions regarding which stateswere more powerful than others. The slavery states felt that theywould be compromised and defeated by the Free states. The oppositionto the union was on the basis of slavery versus the anti-slaverystates. It can therefore clearly be seen that the creation of theUnion through the admission of various states compromised the abilityto maintain peace and the balance between the slave and the FreeStates in the US. The New Mexican state and Utah, which were giventhe sovereign power to determine through its people whether to be aslave or a Free State, also fueled the civil war. It was seen as astrategy by the pro-slave states to admit these states through thebackdoor as Free states. These tensions between the north and thesouth as a result of the compromises led to the civil war.