Ethical Dilemma Risks of Robustness of Testing


EthicalDilemma: Risks of Robustness of Testing

EthicalDilemma: Risks of Robustness of Testing

Robustnessof Testing is a quality assurance that isfocusedon the testing of software applications. The process is used toverify the correctness of the test cases in a testing process. Riskmanagement in software applications always comes with ethical issuesduring project management. Simple tests are cheaper and fast,and this means less time while robust testing is expensive andtime-consuming(Wilcox,2012).Thiscreatesa dilemma ethically regardingtesting the software application.

Riskmanagement is a very critical activity in software planning andtracking. Risks arise from different levels,and perspectivesand these include project failure, security, safety andnon-compliance with regulations. In project management, there aremany areas that require robust testing. These include complexsoftware that requires thorough testing both unit for every singlecomponent and also integration testing for the whole system. Othersituations include when the system is very sensitive and in the caseof any failure, it might cause serious effects on the user of thesoftware.

Onthe same, less serious testing, simple testing might be necessary forsoftware applications that are not very complex and in the caseof failure, it might not have serious adverse effects (Lombardi&amp Sami, 1988).The less testing would be necessary for the small softwareapplication because of the role of the software regardingits applications.

Consequently,if I were a project manager facing pressure from a customer to reducethe time for robust testing for a software, I would convince thecustomer of the importance of testing. I will persuade the customerover the centrality and the mistakes that emanate from projectdevelopment and therefore, they can only be evident in testing. Incase these problems are transferred in an implemented project, itmight have adverse effects on the performance of the software.

Therefore,software testing both alpha and beta are necessary irrespective ofthe urgency with which the software isneededfor use (Rajhans,2007).It is better for a considerabletime to beconsumedduring inclusivedevelopmenttesting than for unprecedented mistakes during implementation.


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