Ethical Issue



The article presents an ethical issue where one is expected tofacilitate the death of her sister because of the pain she is goingthrough due to the medical conditions she is facing. An ethicalconcept that comes into play is whether the sister should take thestep of helping her sister end her life or try and talk her out ofsuch ideas. Despite the fact that the sister has the best care anyonewould wish for, they do not satisfy her needs since she appears to bein pain throughout. Because of the same, she decides to call hersister and see if she can help her. An ethical issue that comes intoplay is what the right thing that can be done is. Should the ailingsister be given medication to help end her life? Or should she betalked out of such ideas (Appiah, 2016).

In dealing with the situation, it could be mandatory to look at theoptions available for the ailing sister. There is a need to give hermore time so that the outcome of the treatment is assessed. It isvital to consider further that no one is justified to take away thelife of the other or facilitate the demise. Much as the sister is inpain, she has to understand that having someone facilitate her deathis not moral. The best way to deal with the scenario is to talk theailing sister out of such thoughts. The medication and care givenneeds to be given a chance to work and the treatment assessed. Itwould not be right to help facilitate the death of the ailing sister.


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