Ethics Vignettes Responses

EthicsVignettes Responses


EthicsVignettes Responses


Froma legal point of view, the bank is not supposed to force itsemployees to open bank accounts. An employee is a stakeholder of thebank and has a right to open an account with any other bank. Failureto open an account with the bank is not part of a company’s KPI.Proscribed manners and inability to execute one’s duties with duediligence are issues that should make an employee to facedisciplinary measure (Chapple, 2014). In this regards, the action bythe bank may be aimed at encompassing the employees as part of thecompany, but it is inadmissible from a legal viewpoint

Froma moral and ethical point of view, having an account with the bank isa sign of loyalty. It also indicates that an employee believe and iscontented with the kind of services and products the bank isoffering. Opening an account with the bank is a pre-condition forevery employee who joins the bank and has put this as a formalpolicy.

Inthe short-run, the bank will increase its returns and increase itscustomer base because the employee will act as internal customers ofthe bank. In the long run, the bank will be faced with high employeesturnover consequently increasing the administrative cost. This willbe because of unnecessary disciplinary actions and lack of free willto have another bank account.


Froma legal perspective, it was not justifiable to lay off the employee.In her comments, the hired office administrator did not mention thename of the company. The company cannot prove she was defaming andportraying a bad image of the enterprise (Lewis, 2015). It is worthnoting that although she posted comments that may put the company atdisrepute, she did not commit a crime from a legal perspective, asdeed must be injurious to the organization.

Froma moral and ethical point of view, it is obvious a big percentage ofher Facebook friends knew she was referring to the company. The youngemployee lacked the principal value of being accountable. Baltzar(2016) asserts that being accountable is an indispensable value forany employee and, which illustrates an employee’s attachment to thefirm. She apparently shows that she is happy and contented with thecompany and more so on what she was instructed to do.

Firingher was not the best course of action. Most likely, the young womanwent ahead and posted her experience in Facebook and that timearound, she happened to mention the name of the company. In bothshort run and long run, this behavior depicted a bad light of thecompany to its customers, stakeholders, employees and the community.A company should fire an employee under justifiable reasons, andsince the company did not provide a justifiable cause, it ought tohave given her a warning.


Inthis case, the company has decided to segment it market to mitigatethe risk associated with the fluctuation of currencies. It designsits products according to the region and offer different prices, andthis is legally allowed. It is not ethical to create a productaccording to the targeted area. All goods should have the samestandards. This kind of an action depicts that the company isdiscriminating as per the regions.

Thecompany’s sales will decline in the short run because manycustomers and grey marketers will not go for the company productreason being prices are high across all the regions. While in thelong-term, the company will continue making profits as it hasmitigated the risk associated with fluctuations of currencies.

Consumersand grey marketers do not support the company new strategy. Thecompany plan will increase the cost of accessing ink cartridges tothe consumers and lower the profit margin of the grey marketers. Inaddition, the strategy may result in the loss of customers thus,reduced business prospects.


Froma legal standpoint, I would inform and email back the information tothe competitor. The information is top-secret and the law assertsthat one should notify the other party and even the FBI. If Idiscard, the information and the competitor or any other party findsout, it will be difficult to mount any legal conviction in a court,as it shows misappropriation of trade secrets.

Froma moral and ethical standpoint, it is also decent to call notify thecompetitor as doing anything else is ethically wrong. Lewis (2015)postulates that a firm should always act in an ethical manner, evenif the action will hurt its profits.

Bynotifying the competitor, the company will avoid lawsuits and send amessage to all stakeholders on respecting the rights of competitors.Thus, all concerned groups in the short and long run support theaction. As such, the firm will experience increased engagement andproductivity.


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