Evaluation about Smart TV

Evaluationabout Smart TV

Asmart TV is a set or set-top box that is internet integrated and alsohas the features of Web 2.0. It is the technological development thatbrought together computers and TV sets as well as set-top boxes. Thesmart TV offers numerous features in addition to those offered bytraditional TVs as they can offer services like Internet TV, onlineinteractive media among many other services. It has solved theproblem of watching the TV channels online, and people can watch anychannel they would like online. This has solved the needs of theconsumers who would like to watch the global channels so that theycan be updated on current global events.

Evaluationof a Smart TV


Mostsmart TVs have been designed in a way that they can produce the bestquality pictures compared to the ordinary televisions. The screensare usually large, and they have features that make the connectionseasier, like the applications and over-the-top TV delivery. They havea complete family of architecture that has been brought together tomake sure that the variety of features in it work effectively.

Materialsand possible improvements

Mostof the smart TVs, for instance, the Samsung PN50A450 plasma, have a3D-capable TV material that enables it to come with a fullcapability. Most of the smart TVs have this material together withfavorite DVDs and a PC. I have not seen any possible improvementsthat can be made from the materials of the smart TVs.


Thecolor scheme serves my interest, and I expected such scheme because Ican adjust the colors at any given time. I propose that the necessaryadjustments be made on the quality of picture settings so that thepictures can be adjusted to suit different environments like lightingand dark.

Safetyof the smart TV

Havingused the smart TVs for some time, I have only encountered safetyproblems once. There is a time when the Samsung Smart TV was said torecord private conversations and transmitted to third parties throughits Voice Recognition features. This posed the problem of privacy asthe users had to take extra care with their private and sensitiveconversations. But the manufacturers put it clear that the users candisable the voice recognition features to sort out this privacyissues so that their data may not be transmitted to the thirdparties.

Instructionsand warnings

Thesmart TVs come with instructions manual that the user goes through sothat he can make efficient use of the device. This manual enables theuser to know how to operate the TV as well as how proper connectionof the TV should be made. Wherever the user is in doubt over anyissue concerning the smart TV, he can make reference of theinstruction manual to solve the challenge he has faced. Theinstructions address almost every technicality that may arise in thecause of using the device. On top of this, the manuals give thewarnings concerning the improper use of the instrument. They instructthe user on what to do and what should not be done in the case ofelectric disruptions.

Strengthsof smart TVs

Thesmart TVs are dominating the entertainment industry, and everyone hasshifted the attention from the traditional TVs to this model becauseof the enhanced features that the smart TVs come along with. This isbecause having a TV, which enables you to go online, gives you a wideaccess to the global channels to choose from while watching the TVonline. There are numerous channels that offer varied entertainment.The features are first, the applications. The smart TVs haveapplications that enable the user to download some of the featuresthat he needs from the app store. They also enable the user to haveaccess to the internet services. Secondly, is the Web browsing wherethe smart TVs have inbuilt browsers that enable the user to surf anddo other internet activities from the comfort of his house. The usercan access most web pages and access online videos as well as photos.Lastly, are the additional services that the Smart TVs offer. Theseservices are the ones that make these TVs smart appear uniquecompared to the other traditional TVs. The home screens can becustomized enabling the user to have recommendations on what he canwatch on that smart TV that suits his personal tastes. The services,therefore, ensure that every user has the comfort required whileusing the smart TV.


Thesmart TVs are vulnerable to security and privacy issues (Tung 1).Care should be taken by the manufacturers to ensure they installantivirus software on the TV so that the malicious acts of thehackers can be contained. Similarly, these TVs are vulnerable toaccess of some internet websites or the information received fromsuch websites can be altered thereby changing the intended meaning.Manufacturers should ensure that their smart TVs can access anywebsite content.


Thisreview of the smart TVs has enabled me to come to know the bestmodels in the market and the features that I should look for when Iwant to buy one. It has also helped me identify the challenges theyface and the possible improvements that should be made.


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