Experiment Graphs

From this, the residuals versus thefits are at 0.00. The residual value is -1.0 and the fitted value is1.0.

The residuals are always 0.0 and thepercentage from this graph is positive.

There is a high effect on thetreatments AB, and there is not effect in the treatment A in responseC.

In response B, there is an effect intreatment A but no effect in treatment AB with standardized effect of12.71

In response A, the percentage versusthe residual curve is a linear one. This is because there islinearity in the factors being considered and therefore, they do notfit the line because always residuals should be equal to 0.0

The residualversus order plot is also a clear indication that in response B,there is significance of the data provided and therefore, theanalysis being carried out is important.

This histogram indicates thefrequency versus the residuals and as a matter of fact there is boththe negative side and the positive side which comes to 0.0 when addedtogether showing that there is significance in the experiment forresponse A.

This graph shows that there is nosignificance in the standardized effect in response B at α = 0.05.