Film Analysis Question 1




Theterm kyriarchy is a concept coined by Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza,which is an established social system that is constructed aroundsubmission, oppression and domination. In the film Winter`s Bone, menare both privileged and as well oppressed. Privileged in the sensethat the society is still highly patriarchal, and the men are stillabove the women. There are various scenes in the film that allow mento do anything just because they are men. In the movie, still womenat times are lucky to be able to get away with what they do but notthe case for men.

Oneinstance in the film that brings out patriarchy is the scene when Reemakes a trip to visit her aunt and uncle Teardrop. Teardrop is angryand even threatens his wife for pressing him to tell her thewhereabouts of his brother. &quotShut up!&quot Teardrop roars justbecause his wife asks a question. In the Ozark Mountains, men areunreasonable just it`s shown by the husband to Ree`s friend whowithout giving any reason refuses to lend his truck to Ree despiteher problems. Men are to be feared just like Teardrop, who does notwant to be questioned. He does not even give Ree any information thatcould be useful to her in tracking down her father.

Womencan be seen to be more privileged than the men in the film. Women canget away in situations that men cannot. In the scene where Ree iskidnapped and beaten up by Thump`s wife and her friends, it bringsout the notion of how women can get away with a lot. When Teardropgets involved and learns it is the women who beat his niece up, hewithdraws showing that when women are in the wrong, there is room forrational discussions.

Inthe film Winter’s Bone, men though proved to be savage and violent,it`s not entirely their fault. Men of the Ozark Mountains are forcedto act in a particular manner just to try and prove who they are asmen. In the Ozark`s to be manly is to be violent and savage. This isconfirmed in the film during the scene when Ree`s younger brotherattempts to fight even to protect her though he is much younger.


QuentinTarantino`s films Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 tell a story of a womanin a quest to revenge against those who deceived and betrayed her.The bride was shot during her wedding rehearsal at a time when shewas pregnant. The film, at first, brings out the theme of feminismbut on looking further, the thrilling violence and pregnancychallenge the theme of feminism. Characters of the Mother heroin is aseen from the bride quest to bring down all the people who hurt heras well as protect her child. She is repeatedly raped and suffers,but she manages to come through all and take revenge on all heroppressors and take back her daughter.

Sheis a brave and caring mother but also a deadly assassin. The bridehas the strength and aggression that can best be described asmasculine. On the other hand, her role as a mother ischaracteristically feminine. As a mother, she sacrifices her life asa member of an assassin group to go to a small town and settle down.She is ready to leave all for the sake of her unborn child. She saysthat &quotthe strip turned blue&quot and it was at that moment whenshe changed. At the moment, she fitted into the stereotypical femalerole. Later on, in the movie, she rejects that position so as tofight for her daughter and revenge on those who deceived her.

Thebride though she has a lot of physical prowess, aggression and skillto forgo emotion so as to be rational. She exemplifiescharacteristics that are usually thought to be masculine. In thescene where she fights Vernita Green in her home, Beatrix says, &quotitsmercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack and not rationality.&quotRationality is seen as a male trait, but she possess it. In the film,she kills countless men and women but in her case as a mother shestill maintains agility and composure.

Sheis also able to use her identity as a woman to get what she wants. Inthe scene where she first meets Hatori Honso, who she wants him tomake him a Samurai sword, Beatrix pretends to be naive by evengiggling and even pretending she is not fluent in the Japaneselanguage. She waits until he softens up and drop[s the act speaks influent Japanese and maintains eye contact with him. Also in anotherscene, she laughs shyly at the jokes. She plays quite well herfeminine role and gets what she wanted from him that is the locationof Bill. By performing her gender roles, she can get both the Swordfor nothing in return and also Bill`s location.


Aphallic woman threatens the male power and possesses malecharacteristics. In the film, Kill Bill The Bride threatens malepower after waking up from the coma and throughout the plot of themovie its quite evident. She can take on men and even kill themaltogether. In various scenes, she can manipulate men so as to getwhatever she wants from them.

TheBride in the film triumphs without the help of any man whatsoever.She can take up masculine roles in the movie when she goes killingthe men and when she wants to intimidate her aggressors but also shecan take up feminine role when she wants to manipulate and charm themen. She threatens male power at the moment when she wakes up fromthe coma and chew`s part of the face of Buck`s last customer andkills Buck by slamming his head into a metal door.

Whenshe is attacked by O-Ren`s army, she can take on 88 yakuza fightersand also litter a Tokyo nightclub with their disengaged limbs andwrithing bodies. She even orders the men to leave and orders them notto pick their limbs they had lost in the battle with her. Herkillings of men without any help shows she is not afraid of the men,and also, she is a force to reckon with even to the men themselves.

Thebride also takes on Bill alone in the final moment of revenge. Thisis after having a long conversation with him. They get into a swordfight with him and by the use of the &quotFive-Point-Palm ExplodingHeart Technique,&quot she overpowers him. Bill even recognized thefierceness of Beatrix. She, in the end, overwhelms all her enemiesboth men and women included. She is depicted as a lady who has skillsthat even men will be envious about such as hand-to-hand combat, edgeweapon proficiency, quick thinking skills, resilience and stamina,quite good with pistols and also other martial skills. She hasagility, stealth abilities, fast reflexes, speed and strength,coordination and balance.

Thebride can fight with her bare hands like in the instance when shemanages to conquer her fellow assassins like Vernita Green andagainst Elle driver. She is also able to punch her way out of thecoffin using the &quotThree-Inch Punch&quot. She is also good atknife handling and throwing. She is quite resilient like the way shecan withstand serious injurious and stand back and fight.


Thefive faces of oppression include exploitation that deals with thedisparities between the wealthy and the workers through their laborpower and wages the workers receive. Exploitation is a socialinteraction that will produce uneven power between two or moregroups. There is marginalization which refers to being left out inemployment due to age, education levels, disabilities, gender amongothers. It also entails the dismissal of an entire group from thevaluable contribution in social life that will, in the end, be adisadvantage to them compared to others.

Powerlessnessis another face that refers to how workers are divided into variousjobs with different powers and authorities. It can also be defined asthe lack of power and authority to be in a position to exercise one’sindependence. A person lacks the power to apply judgment in theirwork and commands no respect at all. The fourth face is culturaldominance that is how a group practiced cultural expressions anddefined to be more superior to others. It can be said to be theuniversalising of one influential group`s skills over the others.Violence is the last face, and it`s the means in which a group usesviolence to keep itself in its place. This can also be described asliving with actual violence or even threats as a means of identifyinga particular group, and since it is tolerated by the others, it islegitimized.

Inthe film, Winter’s Tale, two forms of oppression that come outinclude powerlessness and violence. Powerlessness is brought out inthe fact that Ree is born and brought up in a life of desolation justshe is from a family structure that lacks clear margins and roles.Ree`s father is always on the run from the law enforcement agentsmaking the family rely on the negotiating abilities of Ree`s mother.On the other hand, Ree`s mother suffers from a mental illness all isleft to Ree, who in turn lacks the social ability to reason bothrationally and emotionally like a woman and also does not possess thephysical strength and power to take up the role of a man. Thenon-defined gender identity is well brought out through how theyrelate with Teardrop, her uncle.

Anotherface of oppression brought out in the film is violence. The men inOzark are in the film seen to be unreasonable and strange. They arenot the kind to be trusted and reasoned with but are supposed to befeared. This is quite evident in the scene where Ree visits her Auntand Uncle in search of help from her father’s brother, wishing tobe told about the whereabouts of her father. Teardrops retortsangrily and harshly to her aunt who by being sympathetic to the girlpresses him to tell Ree on the whereabouts of her father. He evenshouts her down to be quite. He even threatens her when she tries topress on the issue further. The threat is from his words when hesays, &quotI already told you with my mouth&quot showing that ifshe were to continue pressing on with issue, he would now usephysical violence against her not just threats. In another scene,Ree`s young brother tries to fight and use violence in a way of anattempt to protect Ree though he is younger and even to some extentweaker than Ree. He does that as a way of trying to identify himselfwith the male gender that should be feared and not exhibit any signsof weakness.


O-RenIshii is a phallic woman in the film Kill Bill, and she is a deadlythreat to the men. Any chance handed to her she does not hesitate touse it and even kill the men ruthlessly. At a very young childhood,she witnessed the gruesome murder of her loved ones and as a result,she was left emotionally and psychologically devastated and it fuelsin her the urge to exact revenge on all her oppressors.

Atjust the age of 11 years, she is quite ruthless and even can killMatsumoto. She at the time uses her feminine side to lure him to hisdeath. Disguised as a young school girl, O-Ren Ishii places Matsumotoin a compromising position. She the uses her sword and pierces deepinto the gut of Matsumoto. Before killing him, she asks him if heremembers her and even goes ahead to apply to much pressure on himthat even his teeth give in and cracks. She even looks unshaken asshe stands covered in Matsumoto`s blood inside a room that has bloodcovering everything.

Afterkilling the boss, O-Ren Ishii went ahead to use the body of Matsumotoas a shield and hid in wait under the bed. She also decapitates thetwo henchmen who come in an attempt to kill her shooting him. Shedoes all this to men single- handed and leaves them either dead allto beaten up to stand. All these poses a threat to men who darequestion her all try anything on her. Above all that she hascapabilities that enable her to stand out even from the malepopulation. She is a good sword-woman, an expert marksman, good inhand-to-hand combat she is a criminal genius and also possessesother deadly and efficient martial art skills.

Shecan react quite fast in the film and also shoot from a long distanceas a sharpshooter. She also very quickly can kill two thugs with ahandgun with quick precision. She is even able to climb the ladderand become the head of the Yakuza and has a successful tenure astheir leader. She even has a personal army that comprises of 88 men.