Food as an Art

Foodas an Art


Explanationof the debate

Canfood be categorized as a form of art? It is the major question drawnfrom this debate. Art can be described as the application orexpression of human creativity or rather imagination especially invisual form. Examples include sculptures, paintings, music,literature, and dance among others. Whether food falls under thiscategory draws divisive assumptions owing to the aspects involved.

Proponentsof the debate argue that the activities involved in preparing a mealmake it an art, in fact a full one. However, some think it is an artwork but not entirely. It is considered a minor art as compared toother forms of art like music, dance and literature. Opponents thinkviewing food as an art is way overboard. This is because art ismostly encouraged by the government, education and social pressure onindividuals, aspects not associated with cooking. It lacks meaningunlike other forms of art.

Differentcultures tend to have diverse ways of preparing meals. The diversemechanisms used make this particular activity an art. Proponents feelthat the diverse means of representing a meal symbolize a work ofart. However, assuming visual dimensions are the most criticalelements of art, does food fall under this category?

Asper the sentiments drawn, food as an art draws both supportive andunsupportive positions. Outlining all the features of art, how doesfood get involved in all this? Does it mean chicken soup is an art,or eating is art? On the other hand, is preparing food usingdifferent mechanisms a form of art? The creativity involved acrossdifferent cultures in making different kinds of meals can be summedup as a form of art. Sometimes similar raw foods are used to preparedifferent kinds of meals.


Foodis a form of art. The creative aspects involved make its preparationquite intricate and worthy to be accredited as a form of art. Foodtends to elicit diverse reactions from various individuals. Whereassome people are drawn to it by smell, visual appearance among others,some have to taste it to recognize it as a form of art.

Themain reason as to why I support food as a form of art, is due to themechanisms used in preparation. For instance, preparing heavy mealsuch as different varieties of chicken. The facets involved in makingthe meal require skill, knowledge, creativity all which are coreelements of art. A cook has to devise a mechanism of making the mealdelicious whether by incorporating additives or ingredients. He/shehas to make the meal appetizing so as to draw people to it. Just likepaintings draw people to it, delicious foods also drawn people to it.As a matter of fact, people who dedicate themselves into turningedibles into visuals are regarded as food artistes.

Foodis a work of art owing to the craftsmanship involved. It is one thingto make edible food and another to make the food appealing. Makingthe food appealing is a form of art. A good example entails the otherforms of art such as music. Music appeals differently across variouspeople i.e. it may be boring to some people but enjoyable to others.In other words, artistes involved have different prowess in makingthe music. Relating this to food preparation, different people areable to prepare same foods in different manners. Some food artistesmake enticing foods while others prepare unappetizing meals. Ittherefore insinuates that, food artistes also differ in prowess.

Comingup with a recipe is quite intricate. However, food artists are ableto realize the best elements of making certain foods and mixing it inright proportions. Any limitation to particular elements may mean themeal would not be adequately prepared. Therefore, attaining the rightbalance is a work of art. Just like not everyone can be a goodpainter, also not everyone can be a good cook. People specialize inmaking meals thereby leading to the range of foods available. Theconstant consumption of foods and developments of newer preparationmechanisms elaborates how food is regarded as an art.

Tofurther ascertain the assumptions food is a form of art, look at theceremonies. Foods prepared for special occasions such as birthdaysand the rest exemplify why foods are related to art. Such occasionsare embraced by powerful people and food forms the core indicator ofharmony. If the food is wrongly prepared, complaints are bound tooccur hence establishing the notion that food is art. When the workof art does not meet appropriate standards, complaints occur. Forinstance, if an artiste releases a song and turns out to be boring tosome sects, complaints occur and ratings could be quite low. It isthe same way with food, whereby complaints determine the ratings ofthe foods.

Thecreativity involved in preparing food differs from continent tocontinent, country to country or even ethnicity. Some ethnic groupsprefer certain kinds of foods.

Howopponent might reply

Foodis not an art skill or even a talent. Preparing a meal does notnecessarily portray you as an artiste. The aspects involved inpreparation can be easily acquired without even involving much. Artworks are mostly associated to talent rather than educationalmatters. In other words, works of art often rely on talents. Forinstance, one must have a good voice to sing. The same cannot be saidof preparing foods.

Defendingthe reply

Artis not entirely related to talent. It may be due to acquired skills.A good example is painting, whereby one can learn the same from atender age. In that manner, preparation of food does not have to be atalent to fall under forms of art. It mainly entails acquisition ofskill with time. But once proficiency is achieved, one can beregarded as a food artiste.


Howcan fruits be regarded as a form of art. Does it mean fruits can becategorized in accordance to the extent of art? One may pluck a fruitfrom a tree without necessarily introducing any skills. Foods cannotbe therefore incorporated as an art form.

Defendingthe reply

Foodbeing a form of art does not have to incorporate all kinds of foods.Some foods are naturally obtained and consumed without anydetrimental issues. Food art comes in whenever there is preparationof the meal. The skills entailed in preparing a meal are what makesit an art. Making chicken soup involves some skill. Generally, foodpreparation is a form of art that differs across the cultures.


Itis therefore appropriate to deem food as a work of art. The aspectsinvolved in preparing a mean are quite innovative and require muchskill. It is the reason why two chefs can cook the same meal but havevarying tastes. Just like other kinds of art whereby one artist isbetter than another, so does food artistes. A certain food artistecan be better than another in terms of innovative designs ofpreparing food among other aspects. Generally, the aspects involvedin cookery make it an artistic activity.


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