Fraud Check


Iwould say the technological and infrastructural development hasexposed us more than we are protected by malicious people. Manyactivities ranging from economic to social issues have beenmanipulated by corrupt individuals and they have been able to exploitpeople without any conscience. These people take the time to learnabout the weaknesses of a given system before they can break through.This close association with this systems is as a result of workingwithin the premises or forcefully or treacherously acquiringinformation from the close sources on how they would control thesesystems.

Officialidentification documents for the suspect. These papers are requiredto prove beyond any doubt that the accused identified himself orherself as the fugitive as stated. In cases where proof of identitywas to cheat in this transactions used original or certifieddocuments they would help to support the guilt of the accusedcriminal (Sutton, 2012). These materials may include credit cards anddebit cards or forged driving licenses used to conduct thesetransactions. Official documentation would also help in the searchfor the culprit in cases of hiding as they would be used to link himto his family members who would be held responsible until theperpetrator turns himself or herself in. Official signature onofficial documents would be used to accuse the suspect of beingguilty.

Mobileand telephones to track the recordings and the messages. If wronginformation is delivered to the banks data systems, an alert messageis sent back to the client (Steilberg, 2002). Finding such wordswould help identity how the criminal got access to a customer`spersonal security details. Any calls made to that whore are stolenfrom should be tracked, and the conversation would help to know ifthe criminal acquires critical information that would breach hissecurity details.

Usedchecks and counterfeit check papers in the house. Pocket books alsowould be used to identify if this person tried to forge some bankaccount numbers and passwords through permutation systems. Anywritten information that would have a link to the six copies of thecollected checks should see this unusual receive punishment by law.Fake checks may lack originality as the papers used by many bankshave different designs, but many people would not be able to identifythis seals not unless they work with the respective bank (Sutton,2012).

Geneticmaterials. The fingerprints on this checks can be tracked and linkedto the DNA content set up for this individual. Any match between thiselements ultimately connects the accused to being criminal sinceevery person`s DNA is unique and it does not happen to any otherperson. This though gas to go through many hands of analyst and.Therefore, they are commonly subject to biases (Steilberg, 2002).Despite the drawbacks, it is the best method of forensic science andcriminal crime detection.

Writingmaterials such as pens and older written papers by the accused suchnotes. Because many checks are handwritten, then finding the favoritepen for this individual may help link him or her to the crimeactivity. Most people carry with themselves pens and the ink used inthe pens may be studied about that on the checks to check for anyconsistency between them. Older documents handwritten by the accusedwould help check the connection between the two handwritings andcontribute to raising evident against the individual.


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