Girls State Essay Why I Would Like To Attend

GirlsState Essay: Why I Would Like To Attend

Iwould like to attend the Girls State because I will be taught on theideas that will work towards promotion of Americanism and goodcitizenship. I will get the necessary skills that will enable me tobe a loyal citizen as well as the knowledge that will steer freedomand democracy that is needed of patriotic citizens (American LegionAuxiliary, 2016).

Inthe State, I will be taught the basic extracurricular activities thatI will be involved in so that I can achieve the personal growthrequired as well as helping the community where I come from.Involvement in Kings Community Youth will enable me to activelyparticipate in community projects. I will be taught how to activelyparticipate in activities like JV and Varsity cheerleading, theessentials of being a JV cheer captain which are necessary for highschool. In the State, I will learn other activities like basketball,JV All-American cheerleader, may court 9th and 11th grade, thecompetitive dancing through 9th grade, and the essentials of being astudent council officer 11th grade. Likewise, I will be taught otheractivities like VP of interact club, junior Marshall, FCA and track.

Iwill be taught how to enhance God’s love and the love of ourcountry. I will learn how to love my country and also all people inthe universe. I will be taught the essentials of having a goodgovernment in our state and the necessary steps that I would take tobe part of the good government. There will be motivational speakersfrom the government who will inspire me in all the moral aspects oflife. I will receive the required transformation morally from theState that will guide me throughout my life as an American citizen.


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