How does divorce affect children? Abstract


Howdoes divorce affect children?


Divorceusually has an effect on the children in as much as it is an issuebetween the parents. The fact is evident from the number ofstatistics that show how divorce affects children. Through adevelopment of a proper literature review, this paper seeks to answerthe question &quoteffect of divorce on children.&quot

Concernshave been asked concerning the impact of divorce on children.Although some scholars state that divorce is at times of help tochildren, most scholars have been able to prove that divorce affectschildren negatively. To begin with, children have the firm belief intheir parents that they have the ability to settle any differencesbetween them amicably and continue living in peacefully. Again,children have the feeling that their parents can only cater for theirneeds fully and within their expectations where both parents livetogether. When divorce occurs, this hope and belief of the childrenare shattered. Divorce affects all aspects of the life of a childbeginning with school performance, to relationship with peers and aswell as the future hopes (Barry, Lisa, &amp Barbara, 1994)

Divorceresults in stressful situations for the children when their parents’divorce. No child under whichever circumstance desires to see theirparents separate. Besides this, a child whose parents have undergonedivorce is likely to develop vulnerability to psychiatric conditionsand disturbances, a child averting to marriages, and making a childprone to divorce once they marry in future (David &amp Alan, 1988).This study intends to bring out research on the effect of divorce onchildren through a presentation of an extensive literature review.


Effectsof divorce on children

Thesocial learning theory places a high emphasis on the importance ofrole models by placing a central focus on parents as the key andinitial molders of the behavior of their children (David &amp Alan,1988). Suggestions from researchers show that there are cases of direoutcomes in the incidences where parents face separation or divorce.The children from divorced parents develop vulnerability to acutepsychiatric conditions, children avoiding marriages, and childrenbecoming vulnerable to divorce once they marry (David &amp Alan,1988). Besides this, David and Alan, (1988) show that children fromdivorced parents have lower levels of wellbeing as opposed to thecounterparts of parents living together.

Thediscussion by Barry, Lisa, and Barbara, (1994) shows that divorceresults in detrimental effects on almost all aspects revolving aroundthe aspects of a child. Children of divorced parents tend to have alow performance at school as opposed to those from united parents.The study also shows that the relationship between children ofdivorced parents don’t relate well with peers and family and havetheir hopes for the future shattered. It is important to understandthat the behavior of the divorcing parents place a great impact onthe way the children adjust to divorce.

Caroland Shirley (1985), show that there is an increase in the level ofstatistics of divorced parents thus translating to a rise in thenumber of children suffering as a result of divorce. Over time,researchers have equally identified that there is an enormous impactof divorce on the family members, and more so the children. As aresult, researchers have put energy in the identification of theseeffects.

Fromthe scenarios above, it is clear that there is a need to identify theeffects of divorce on children hence formulation of the researchquestion: How does divorce affect children?


Topic:The use of observational investigation to understand the effect ofdivorce on children

-Identifythat divorce has effect on children.


-Tounderstand and thus ease the effect of divorce on children



-Selectionof a sample of children from divorced and united families

-Understandthe behavior and performance of children from divorced and unitedfamilies.

-Presentsolution to the effects of divorce on children


-Divorcehas paramount effect on children and thus a need to come up withstrategies on how to deal with the effects.


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