An ethical question is thatquestion that has no definite answer. More even the answers are notoutright or simple. When faced with an ethical question, normally adilemma arises (Christensenet al., 2014). Youdon’t know what to answer due to the implications of the question.At such times, one must weigh the moral conduct analyze theimplication of the questions on his beliefs and moral standing. Thepaper herein seeks to develop a how I would personally handle anethical problem, question or decision.

The following are key pointsthat I would consider under a moral confrontation either as aquestion or decision.


I would take cognizant of theparties that will be implicated by the moral decision that I wouldmake. More often, moral questions seeks to questions a person’sbeliefs or identity. By answering such questions fallaciously withoutthinking critically could lead to adverse effects on interestedparties (Christensenet al., 2014).

Theethical issue in question

This in fact is the mostimportant aspect that I would consider carefully. Does the questiontest the code of ethics? Some would revolve around professionalismand accountability or reputation. An understanding of the ethicalissue in question provides a formidable strategy towards a moreperfect answer or solution (Christensenet al., 2014). Here, Iwould also make an analysis of the impacts and possible alternativesavailable.


Considering the effects thatvarious options would have, I would eliminate some alternatives toremain with those that are of bearable implications. Elimination willbe based on the level of harm that would arise had such options beenconsidered (Christensenet al., 2014).Afterwards, I would consider the likely impacts of the feasibleoptions weigh them against code of ethics, beliefs and ensure thatmoral values that I subscribe to are upheld (Christensenet al., 2014).


After the above analysis, theoption that passes all the scrutiny would be the decision I wouldstand by (Christensenet al., 2014). In thisregard, I would have dealt with the moral dilemma or question athand.


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