Human Behavior Influences

HumanBehavior Influences

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HumanBehavior Influences

Harassmentis continuous attacks and criticism of individual or groups ofindividual by someone. It is deliberate annoying actions directed toindividual and is usually cause for worry and anxiety. It is a formof molestation that is quite frustrating to the victim who for onereason or the other could be compelled to entertain or endure theattacks (Reece &amp Brandt, 1990).The attacks or molestation is worse if the culprit is held a higherposition or rank than the victim. There are various forms ofharassment within an organization or community. They could be verbal,physical or psychological.

ReportingChild Abuse Suspicions Reporting cases of child abuse is an importantduty of every adult to the country. If it is a suspicion, it meansthat the person responsible for reporting is not sure but feelscompelled to do so as a moral duty. The individual should report suchsuspicion to child advocacy centers that are in charge of fightingfor the welfare of children. Such centers would then make thenecessary investigations in conjunction other government or criminalagencies in order to ascertain the suspicion (Greenberg&amp Baron, 2003).Alternatively, the reporting could do through the child abuse helplines provided available to the public. This would ensure thenecessary investigation is conducted in an effort to rescue thechild. The reporting of child abuse suspicions could also be made tolocal or community agencies that are responsible for the promotion ofchildren`s welfare (Reece &amp Brandt, 1990).Finally, reporting of child abuse suspicions could be done by talkingto the parents of the child. However, this is only possible if theparent is not the one carrying out the abuse. If the parent is notcooperative, then the reporting should be done to any of the otherauthorities.

Confidentialityshould handle professionally by those in charge of protecting anypiece of information. It is important to point out that confidentialinformation is one that should not be accessed or availed toeveryone. Handling of confidentiality is an important aspect of thefunctions of an organization or a community. Failure to upholdconfidentiality within these organizations could lead t great damageor even collapse of the organizations. Those entrusted with theresponsibility should ensure that they are guided by professionalethics at all times so that sensitive information about patients,employees, or colleagues is not revealed or accessed by those whohave no permission to do so.

Professionalliability is the legal responsibility that is informed byprofessional mistakes or errors and negligence. It is caused by actsof commission or omission during the process of the practice ofparticular Responsibility or profession. For example, a lawyer whofails to present particular information about an ongoing case fortheir client should admit professional liability.

EmployeeAssistance Programs are benefits programs offered by most of theemployers to employees. These programs are intended to assist theemployees to cope with their personal problems that could negativelyimpact on their job performance, general welfare or their health.Such benefits are extended to the members of the immediate family ofthe employees (Reece &amp Brandt, 1990).They include health covers, educational funds and even mortgages insome instances.

Managingburnout is the process or set of procedures managers and supervisorsemploy to alleviate the stress of employees. Employee burnout couldbe caused y several sources of pressures and hence could only bemanaged if the manager or the supervisor in collaboration with theemployees can identify the cause. Once he manager identifies thecause of the burnout, they could initiate a process aimed at slowingdown the process or the activity causing the burnout(Greenberg &amp Baron, 2003).That would stabilize the individual as other options are evaluated.The management should then provide the necessity support to theindividual so that the entire position could be assessed. The goalsand priorities of the project that are causing the stress arere-evaluated to determine if they are relevant or if there could be achange of strategy in an effort to eradicate the burnout.

NewFrontiers of Vulnerability from Technology involves goals,objectives, and opportunities that should be adopted or employed withan aim of protection of organizations from adverse effects that couldbe occasioned by technological changes. Due to rapid changes intechnologies, organizations are compelled to be innovative andcreative with aims of insulating themselves from future challenges intechnologies (Greenberg &amp Baron, 2003).They also strategize themselves to be able to exploit theopportunities provided by changes in technology.

Anti-terrorismInitiatives involves a set of activities or organizational behaviorswhose aim is to protect an organization from acts of terror. Suchinitiatives include gathering of information in collaboration withsecurity agencies so that an organization is able to minimize theeffects or prevent terror activities. Initiatives includeprecautionary measures that every organization should adopt tocushion themselves from the devastating effects that could beoccasioned by terror activities.

Freedomof Information Inquiries is the process of acquiring publicinformation held by the public organization on behalf of the general[public. Anyone has the freedom to request for any public informationin spite of age or status of the individual. However such informationcould be denied if it is considered sensitive. It could also be tooexpensive to process the request. Freedom of information inquiries isused by organizations to promote the goals and objectives of theorganization (Reece &amp Brandt, 1990).Different departments have the freedom of information inquiries inorder to benchmark themselves and hence apply best practices fromother departments. Such benchmarking enables departments to accessdata that could be used for comparison purposes. Strategies are thenemployed to improve the areas of weakness.

SocialNetworking (as a special instance of technology), is the processwhereby individuals make use of social sites to form friendships andexchange information. That is made Possible by the technologicaladvances that the world continues to achieve. The social networkingforum provides avenues of interaction share and even do business withindividuals and communities around the world (Greenberg&amp Baron, 2003).The platform also provides organizations with an avenue to showcasetheir products and services. It also provides for interaction withtheir clients and could, therefore, be used for marketing purposes orfor the dissemination of vital organizational information. Socialnetworking has played an important role in bringing people of diversebackgrounds together hence enhancing globalization.


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