Imagery as used in poems


In the poem “Burning the Letters”, the anger and despair of Plathare heightened, she argues between being the persecuted and thepersecutor. The images utilized by Path in the poem, images whichinclude white fists and their death rattle depict her anger and thepain placed upon her (Plath, 2015). The situation produces awell-ordered structure and gives purport towards the poem henceintimating anger emotions. On the other hand, Sexton engages inadroitness which is intricate to the use of imagery language which isordinary to what the hearers easily understand.

The imagery used in the poem “Burning the Letters” describe thewritten words, the particular images utilized by Plath gives andorganizes coherence in her poetry. One method of interpreting thepoem is to see and understand it simply as writing letters in orderto compose poems. The same technique is utilized by Sexton in herpoem. It is understood that Plath regarded the writing of Hughes ascontaining characteristic hooks in appearance (Sexton, 2011). Towardsthe end Plath writes, the dogs tear a fox and this is what it is, ared cry and burst, which splits in its bag which is ripped and failsto stop. Here Plath is relating the dogs that are ripping the foxesopen to her to destroy the Hughes manuscripts. All this leads to astructuring which is strong in building her imagery and thedimensions which are cognitive in the poem. In this situation,emotional anger is developed in a highly structured way.

Critics view the poetry of Plath and Sexton as ultimately leading tosuicide. The rational and cerebral components in their writing oftenwent unnoticed. It is the anger of Plath which is throughverbalization that shows imagery patterns which greatly impactsintelligibility to her developed poems (Plath, 2015). Plath utilizesanger in her poem as a strategy of interpreting and comprehending allthat happens in her life. Through applying this, the cognitivedimension of the poem is made famous through the imagery which isutilized and shaped intricately. Through the use of the extendedmetaphors of a risen Lazarus, the risen Christ and later the risenLady of Lazarus manifests her vengeful level of anger in a way whichmakes sense.

The sense making characteristic in Sylvia Plath poetry isunderdeveloped due to the way which she utilizes her poetry inconveying blame due to what people have done towards her throughouther life. Sexton’s utilization of poetic devices skillfully, thevoice and the persona present in her poem matches the poemrequirements.



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