Importance of Certification in the IT Industry

Certification in the information technology sector is critical giventhat it provides accurate knowledge and hands-on technical skills ascompared to the Computer Science college degree that develops generalattitudes such as strategic thinking and communication skills alongwith providing education increase to subject knowledge. The currentmarket values specific skills obtained from the certification.Potential employers and companies are seeking validation ofcompetencies to the current or prospective employees (InternationalAccreditation Forum, 2012). Certification, therefore, is becomingincreasingly important for constructing career opportunities, skilllevels and improving marketability. This need determines theemployee`s successes without the on-the-job learning curve in thepresent day competitive job market.

Obtaining industry certificates such as PC Pro, A+, and CompTIA A+among others along with a degree in computer science fielddifferentiates or sets apart the holder from the oversaturatedapplicants with single qualifications. For instance, having CompTIAA+ certifies that an individual has basic technician skills andfamiliarizes with Window operating system. Secondly, certificationimparts confidence and assurance to the employees as it directs themto recognize the holders’ competency, capability and thoroughknowledge of their job. The majority of companies require suchcertification as a prerequisite for hiring. Thirdly, certificationtranslates to higher probabilities of getting high salaries becauseof the attribution it offers in ensuring the hiring of the bestqualifications (International Accreditation Forum, 2012).

Week 1: Response to Discussion on Certification Importance

Reply 1. The writer highlights the importance ofcertification in directing one`s strengths towards a particularskill in the overall computer filed. There could be no best ITcertifications for anyone because various positions need differentskill sets. One can go for certification for virtualization orcertification in design depending on the individual view of bestinterest and target that is still in the similar I.T category.However, the explanation for the instillation of skills is wantingand skewed towards visualization

Reply 2.The presentation is dynamic and comprehensive as itrelays how certification maintains a competitive edge that impliesthe incorporation of experts. The need for global expertise andself-drive motivation draws the value of the employee who goes extramiles to test and certify their knowledge. Certification draws itsimportance from the open I.T positions that need more customizedclear roles and reasoning to innovate and sustain the industry. It isupon the holders to analyze the kind of certification that grantsthem more long-term credibility and visibility in the ever-changinginformation technology field.


International Accreditation Forum. (2012). The value of accreditedcertification. Survey Report