Innocence Innocence



EdgarAllen Poe’s short stories revolve around the protagonistsportraying innocent faces of overwhelming Vicente.It suggests theironical nature of the innocence of the narrator’s protestation andthe contradictory facts. Readers have created doubts from thesefacts. The sense of uncertainty between the narrator and the readerhas shifted its focus from the plot of the story to thematicconcerns. Therefore, the essay examines each of the five Poe’sshort stories.

The“Masqueof The Red Death”is a fantasy with horrible stories. The Red Death was a plague thatwas very dangerous. Regardless of whom you were, rich or poor, goodor bad, small or big, the plague wiped everyone. Prince Prosperotries to hide in his abbey to avoid the death curse of the Red Death.Innocent is witnessed in this short story in the manner that even thesmall children who lack the knowledge good or evil have also becomedeath victims. The plague was like an epidemic disease that wiped amass area. Poe writes, “The scarlet stains on the body andspecifically on the victim’s face were the pest ban that shut thevictim from the help and sympathy of his fellow men. “It led to thedeath of most people including the children and the elderly leavealone the Prince. Hence, death seems to be inevitable to mankind

The“Fallof the House of Usher”is another feature of Allen’s short story. The narrator makes thechoice to pay a visit to one of his old boyhood friends. The friendwas known as Roderick Usher and was ailing from illness (A.Smith,2002). His twin sister was also sick, and she later lost her life.All these calamities arise from the place they lived. Roderickbranded it the haunted place. The occurrence of the mysteriousexperience was not caused by the presence of Roderick and his sisterbut by their past background. The two are very innocent in theirundertaking, but the past generation had something to do with allthese evil happening. The innocent nature of the two brought aboutdeath as witnessed in the death of his sister. Poe writes, “therewas… a sinking, a sickening of the heart. And an unredeemeddreariness of thought…” Therefore, the past can play a role indefining the future.

TheBlackCat,William Wilson was written in a rational manner by Allen. It talksabout two characters one by the name William Wilson. The two sharedmany similar characters including mode of dressing among others. Theonly difference noted was the projection of the voice. One would talkin whispers while the other voice was normal. William had invented abad behavior of mischief where he uses to steal from other people. Hewas very arrogant a character that he learned from his parents whenhe was young. It shows how innocent he was when young before formingthis bad habit. He writes that, “My tenderness of heart wasconspicuous to make me jest of my friends.” There is an innocentfeature of the other William from his whispering voice to hissilence. The particular character influenced the boy to alert otherpeople whenever William performed his evil behavior (A.Smith,2002).Indeed, what is kept in the darkness will eventually come tothe light.

TheTell-Tale Heartby Allen Poe talks about the death of an old man by the narrator. Thekiller had been observing the old man for a while and finally decidedone day to complete his mission. Upon the approach of the narratoraction, it was very late in the night. The old man was very sacred ofthe dark upon the sudden visit. He cried out loud when he saw thekiller. All these fear showed how innocent he was. He writes that hewas very frightened at the sight of the killer. The killer intentionswere not to steal or rob the money, and he feared the old man paleblue eyes (A.Smith, 2002). Although the old man was innocent, thepsychological contradictions from the narrator ended the former manlife. Thus, it is never right to judge a book by its cover.

Pitand Pendulumshort story narrates the Spanish Inquisition by sentencing a prisonerto death. Innocent traits can be witnessed when the prisoner wastrying to evaluate the cause of his torture leading to death. Hewrites that he could not comprehend the happenings in the cell thathe was placed in. The nervous state of his body could not yield anyresult. Wherever he regained consciousness, he felt being draggedinto a place that looked like an abyss. The environment that he facedwas very oppressive, and he could not survive for long. The innocentfeature raises concerns to the readers as to why he was tortured andkilled. It is true to say that the prisoner was trying to find a wayout of the captivity he was subjected. Hence, he died a hero tryingto save his life. Therefore, we should have the courage to live sinceanyone can die.


Allthe short stories by Allen possess an innocent face among thecharacters involved. Therefore, the essay clearly provides itsreaders with the critical analysis of the understanding of the shortstories.


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