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Theparable of the Sowerby Octavia Butler, ThePeripheralby William Gibson, and TheWind-Up Girlby Paolo Bacigalupi are some of the literature publications that hasexcellently adopted the genre of science fiction towards thedevelopment of their plot and delivery of the themes. Published in1993, the novel by Octavio (Parableof the Sower)has its story developed or set in a future aspect, a time when thegovernment has collapsed, and the story revolves around a young lady,who is depicted to have the ability to feel the pain of others. Facedwith hard times after the collapse of government, and due to anarchyleadership, she and other survivors are faced with poverty andresource scarcity hence relocating to another region to restart theirlive. On the other hand, the publication by William Gibson, (ThePeripheral)is another fictional writing based on the near future setting.Finally, there is a novel by Paolo, which also is a ‘biopunk’science fiction based on the 23rdcentury development of scientific and biological advancements such asgenetically modified food, and the use of technology in theproduction of food, and the devastating negative impact that isrealized from the adopted technologies.

Thenovel by Octavio, Parable of the Sower, was published in 1993 ThePeripheral is a 2014 publication while the novel by Paolo TheWind-Up Girlwas published in 2009. Despite published differently, the novelsprovide excellent application of the science fiction genre. Withtheir well-developed plots, the novels provide a series ofoccurrences, which affects human life, and in turn, can be related tolive. More so, despite the presenting in a futuristic aspect, theirthemes are well versed with people’s lives. They are three novels Iwould recommend one to read.

Changeis an inevitable occurrence in human life. One of the key influencingfactors influencing the development not only as a country andbusiness growth, but even within people is the issue of change. Oneof the major driving aspects or themes of the development of thenovels by the authors is the theme of ‘change’. Each and everyauthor has addressed the impact of varying changes such a technology,food production, science, religion as some of the changes impactinghuman life. More so, with the ineffective management of change, therehas been devastating to human life. This paper will focus on theaspect of change with reference to the novels. In addition, the paperwill as well focus on the impact of the change towards human life.The authors have well-developed plots, linking one occurrence to theother, with well used or applied aspect of science fiction, towardsplot development.

Oneof the key themes as developed by the author in his novel is theissue of change in the society. With regard to the novel by Octavio,Lauren one of the major characters in the story development adoptsthe new religion in practice, hence rejecting the traditionalreligion. Based on the experienced that she undergoes through in herlife, she is of the view there is no relevance towards a believer inChristian focused religion and God. She in turn forms her ownreligion which is established on the basis of her own observationthat, everything found in the universe is subject to change andundergoes change at one time or another (Butler 156). According toher, change is one of the constant aspects of life, and in turnpeople have no other option other than adopt change, work with it, oruse it to improve their lives as well as that of their community. Onthe other hand, they can as well reject change, hoping to live, andcontinues as it has been with them. In accordance with the character,(Lauren), change is ‘god’, which is a dynamic process which is anirresistible force and people can either adopt it to promotethemselves or oppose it, and turn down the development process. Theauthor has displayed every person as a seed, which can developuniquely for a different and valuable product if it effectivelyadapts to change and its realities. On the other hand, failure toadopt or yield to change can result in death and chaos. Finally,change can be seen a route to freedom. Being an inevitable force,change adoption can be the ideal path to freedom among people, andwithin oneself.

Godis Change, and in the end, God does prevail. But we have something tosay about the whens and the whys of that end.&quot Ch.24”……………………“Civilization is to groups whatintelligence is for individuals. It is a means of combining theintelligence of many to achieve ongoing group adaptation.Civilization, like intelligence, may serve well, serve adequately, orfail to serve its adaptive function. When civilization fails toserve, it must disintegrate unless it is acted upon by unifyinginternal or external forces.”

Justlike the case of Octavio, the setting of the novel by Gibson isfuture. He is giving narrating to the reader, how the future wouldbe, with massive changes which have resulted in the suffering ofhumanity through the development of gangsters, and monarchicleadership. The changes in the future and the authors of the novelsforesees them are inevitable, and in turn the more suffering they arelikely to subject human kind. According to Gibson (236), “droughts,water shortages, crop failures, honeybees gone like they almost werenow, the collapse of other keystone species, every last alphapredator gone, antibiotics doing even less than they already did,diseases that were never quite the one big pandemic but just bigenough to be historic events in themselves…”.

Paolohas focused his novel into the 23rd century he is foreseeing thekind problems which probably would be on the rise amongst people ifthey continue adopting the massive technology in food production. Theauthor has focused on the future aspect of how life will be. This hasdeveloped a series of how life ought to be when people continueadopting the technological changes not only in food production aswell as in their lives. With reference to the novel, things havechanged from the normal to the new normal, and in turn man has toendure the many changes in order to survive. However, the narratedfuture life of the author is somewhat being experienced by humans.For example leadership styles that are focused on sustainability offew people and oppressing others.

Inthe modern time, there has been a growing focus on the issue ofchange in the modern technology and advancement in the production offood. With the increased population growth globally, there has beenan increased demand for more food. This has in turn led to thedevelopment of genetically modified food to supplement the growingdemand for more food. However, the technology and science developmenthas led to heated debate in concern for the safety of the geneticallymodified food, largely known as ‘GMO’. With reference to thenovel TheWind-Up Girlby Paolo, the author has addressed issues affecting human as a resultof technological advancement in food production as well as adverseweather effects such as global warming (Bacigalupi120).The author has raised the worlds view on issues such as carbon fuel,and its relation to global warming in addition to the depletion ofthe resources.

Theadoption of biotechnology in the production of human food has led todivided opinion, as it has been blamed for the increased cases ofcancer. On the other hand, the development of megacorporation such asPurCal, RedStar, and AgrGen as referred to by Paolo in his novel, hasgreatly changed the food industry through the adoption of‘Genehacked’ seeds as referred by the author. On the other hand,the author has mentioned the increased occurrence of frequent deadlyillnesses, plagues and catastrophes which have been as a result ofgenetically modified food/crops. Human safety has been a thing ofconcern in the modern world, and despite the effort to increase foodproduction human health also factors to be considered. More so, thechanges have affected the food industry right from the farming to theprocessing. This has in turn impacted human life in both ways, i.e.gains and negatives (Bacigalupi201).

Accordingto the idea of change as presented by the authors through theirfictional writings, they have addressed some of the cases or changesaffecting man today. According to the environmental care programs orinitiatives in the current times, there has been an increase in thefocus on Global Warming, and the increased use of fossil fuel. In themodern times, there has been a massive change towards the control ofthe climatic changes which have been attributed to the adverseeffects of the nature such as desertification, draught etc. withregard to what is happening in the modern world, there has beenincreased awareness in regard to human health as cases of differentcancers continues to affect people in the society. One side, many ofthe deadliest cancers have been attributed to the modern eatinghabits as there has been a decreased in the natural seed that used tobe depended upon by the early man. According to Paolo, natural foodhas been almost been completely overtaken by the geneticallyengineered ones, hence the increased health hazard among people inthe society.

Onthe issue of change, the increasing population growth is equallyleading to changes in the social aspect of human, for example, thegrowth of the LGBT community amongst the population has brought alongdivided views among people. For example, should same-sex marriage beallowed in the church, and our community? While religion has greatlybeen against this practice, the law on the other hand has continuedto recognize it, on the idea that, opposing it would be against humanrights. Despite the novels, talking of future occurrence, some of theproblems facing humanity, not only has the resulting change affectedthe technology and health aspects among people, but also the socialchanges which have contributed to alteration in terms of the socialorder as it’s known in the society. These include changes such associal behaviors, relations and norms among people. With the growingpopulation variance, there has been increased reference to anindividual, whether one is he or she.

Despitethe problems related to the misfortunes of the future, the technologyand related development have been a breakthrough in human life. Inaddition to harmful technology development, there has been an equalbenefit in terms of gains from the technology anticipated to beexperienced in the future. The need for increased food production hasled to the development of fast growing crops, which has helped toincrease food production globally. More so, the technologicaladvancement has greatly contributed to the massive inventions in thehuman health aspects of numerous drugs invented. However, it is theapplication of these technologies in the unwarranted content that hasled to the suffering of human life.

Inconclusion, the setting of the novels, despite being at differenttimes and numerous other changes will have a focus on differentcalamities expected to face the man in the future. This is in thecase of continued adoption of technology for the wrong purposes.Nevertheless, despite the novels addressing the future, the subjectof change is well expressed, hence an inevitable occurrence in humanlife. With calamities ranging from climate change, social, health andeconomic changes, there is expected key influence within the human(Butler102).The novels ParableOf The Sower,ThePeripheraland TheWind-Up Girlare all written by the application of science fiction, but withaspects that affect human life. Change is inevitable however, it isthe manner in which it is adopted by a person that determines itseventual change and impact.


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