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CharacterBios on the Narrative Short Film, Unhappy Brother

Connoris a man who has experienced struggles in most of his life. He istechnically an orphan who lost both his parents and ended up beingadopted in a foster family. Tragedy strikes again he loses hisadopted family except for their only son John. Connor is ahardworking man who takes full responsibility of his life and hisyounger brother’s well-being.


Connorwants to be treated with love and respect. However Connor needs tounderstand that the accumulated anger and hatred will only lead tomiserable life unfortunately in this film, his needs are not cateredfor. Due to the neglect and lack of sufficient love, Connor wants hisefforts to be recognized by John and also wants John to assist himand be responsible. He is compelling due to the fact that despite theanger and the stress he has experienced he remains patient andsupportive. He still continues assisting John until he graduates fromhigh school.


  1. Male

  2. Around 25 years old

  3. Single

  4. Blue collar

  5. Employed as a security officer, waiter and construction worker

  6. Lives at home with his brother John

  7. His real parents and adoptive parents are deceased

  8. Emotionally disturbed but suppresses his feelings

  9. He is a victim of neglect and lack of love yet he is the sole provider and caregiver of his brother’s needs as well as his’.

  10. His emotional status is fragile and he hold wrong done to him deep within. He commits suicide when he deems that the conditions have become unbearable.

  11. Anger and jealousy. He is angry at his parents for not giving him the same attention as his brother John and he is also jealous of John who was loved more than he was.

  12. He is resourceful by taking several jobs to ensure that he can be able to cater for all the needs. He is able to make this wise choices to support his brother.

  13. Believes in hard work. Unlike his brother who just sits around playing games, he opts to engage himself in his work and not once does he involve himself in stealing.

  14. He is pessimistic. Everything that happens to him he associates it to the neglect he experienced in his childhood. He doesn’t see any good coming out of his current situation with his disrespectful and arrogant brother and therefore ends his life.

  15. Withdrawn and believes that he is entitled with the burden of taking care of his brother although deep within, his heart is cold.

  16. He is morally upright since he doesn’t approve John’s irresponsible behavior of drinking and drug abuse.

  17. He is patient and persevering. He takes care of his brother throughout his high school education without complaining and continued doing the same even after graduation. He perseveres the loss of his parents and keeps on with taking care of the remaining members of the family.

  18. Introvert. He is socially retreated, he doesn’t share his troubles with anyone even when wronged.

  19. Gifted with intelligence, he is able to get three paying jobs and manages operate between these jobs effectively.

  20. He is afraid of baring out his problems to his family and others. He therefore confines himself to loneliness and a solitary life leaving him with a lot of stress.


Connorhas grown and spent most of his life without the love of parents. Asa child he lost his real parents and later on he lost his adoptedparents. The loss of his first parents left him abandoned andneglected and as a child, these events were imprinted permanently inhis heart. Later on he was adopted and for some time he enjoyed thislove which was suddenly snatched away from him by the birth of John.The differential treatment offered to John was so distinct thatConnor felt it to the bone. It is clear that Connor was not loved asmuch. He realizes that John is deemed precious than him and thereforebecomes jealous, in addition, anger begins to well up within him.When his adoptive parents pass away, he is left to take care of Johnwhich he does responsibly albeit with a heavy heart especially due tothe lack of respect and recognition by John who engages in badbehaviors. The accumulation of these events overwhelm his weak heartand he commits suicide.


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