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Sushiis a kind of food entailing vinegared rice in combination withseveral other ingredients such as vegetables, tropical fruits as wellas uncooked raw seafood. The dish is deemed to originate from Japan.The ingredients used tend to defer, so does the mechanisms ofpreparation. However, rice is the common ingredient entailed in allsushi. While preparing either white or brown rice could be used.

Asportrayed in the 2011 film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, sushi hasadopted a wide range of customers. 85 year old Jiro Ono is a masterin sushi, owning a three star restaurant, “Sukiyabashi Jiro”. Therestaurant based in Japan attracts many customers who regard it asthe best around the region. The restaurant was awarded three-star asper Michelin ratings yet is drawn from a humble background. It is theonly restaurant of its kind to have been awarded such prestigiousratings owing to its humble appearance. Located in Tokyo subway, therestaurant has a variety of foods typically 20 courses totaling toaround 30,000 Japanese yen. Being a master in the art, Jirointroduces his two sons into the business with the aim of maintainingit for the future generation. His two sons Takashi and Yoshikazu areboth chefs. Yoshikazu who is the eldest works under his further withthe aim of taking over the restaurant once his time comes. Jiro letshis eldest son work alongside him to further his skills. Meanwhile,Takashi his other son opens up a similar restaurant within RoppongiHills with the help or rather blessings of his father [ CITATION Jir11 l 1033 ].

Asportrayed by Jiro, sushi draws a wide range of fans hence the need toopen up even more branches. It is the reason why Takashi is left toopen a similar restaurant in a different location. The need topreserve an heir encourages Jiro to stay close with his elder sonwith a hope of leaving him the mantle once he is unable to continue.Sushi fans all over Japan tend to prefer different kinds ofpreparations. In that respect, Jiro ensures a variety of mechanismsto keep his customers. Though there are a number of sushirestaurants, as depicted by the film, Jiro’s restaurant seems tostandout. Not only is the sushi delicious and even better than mostaround the area, but Jiro is quite an interesting character. He isquite compelling with quite a fascinating story involving the twosons [ CITATION Jir11 l 1033 ].

Whileviewing the film, I could be drawn into the enigmatic charactersentailed in it especially Jiro. One tends to wonder, does he wish toachieve any other things? Secret diversions or even regrets. If forinstance you grow passion on a certain occupation, does workingwithin the same occupation entire life enough? It begs numerousrhetorical questions yet Jiro seems comfortable. As for Jiro’s son,does he ever wish of changing occupation? Or being from working underthe shadows of his father? Maybe if it were somebody different, sushiwould not have been the thing. At 50 years of age, Yoshikazu portraysthe image of a likable son. From the counter behind, Jiro is able tonotice things about his customers. Once he serves his customers, hewatches them as they eat to establish any reactions. Looking atcustomers eyes, Jiro notices if alterations done on the sushi arebetter or not [ CITATION Jir11 l 1033 ].

Thefilm is an elegant and thoughtful meditation on family, work andperfection. Jiro is able to maintain all these aspects that areregarded vital. His sushi is prepared to perfection, catering forwide range of customers. He also maintains close family tiesbalancing it well with work. Jiro’s life outlines unparalleledsuccess within the culinary perspective. Additionally, he isportrayed as a loving and caring yet complex father.

Theexistence of his sons evidently mean Jiro has a wife. The film doesnot touch much on that but still one is left to wonder how he managesall these. In other words, how much time does he afford home mattersespecially his wife, yet he works for hours within the restaurant.Idealizing his courtship tends to present a fascinating experience.

Ona personal level, watching this film on an empty stomach is quiteintimidating and torturous to be exact. Though it is mostly based onJiro, the sushi takes center stage with the attractive appearance itdepicts. I could help myself from salivating and wishing the meal wasright here with me. With the foods displayed, it is hard to deny thefact that, Jiro’s restaurant is one of the best within the region.

However,the film also exemplifies some shortfalls. It does not fullyexemplify craft or rather explore the act of sushi making. More timeis spent on declaring Jiro’s excellence instead of demonstratingand explaining the context of the meal. Fleeing home at a tender ageof 9 does not entirely depict a prosperous family man. Though aworkaholic, the family aspects are not clearly elaborated.

Inconclusion, sushi is quite an enticing meal with a number ofpreparation mechanisms involved. Attracting more customers mandatesone to incorporate likable features and observing customer response.As portrayed by the film, Jiro can deemed successful both family wiseand business wise.


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