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Lifeof the homeless

Thereis absolutely nothing unfavorable as being homeless. The absence ofproper shelter itself is debilitating but the lack of socialaffiliation and bonds makes life even much worse. It is then quiteobvious that the homeless wallow in poverty, extreme anomic poverty,with no obligations and completely no command of any resources henceportraying an inert character. Furthermore, the situation spirals tohelplessness, a status characterized by lack of care andinsensitivity and this coupled by the hunger, illnesses and neglectleads to increased rates of death and disability among the homeless (Gale).

Inthe book “The Soloist” by Steve Lopez, a scenario is set outconcerning a man by the name Nathaniel Ayers who loses his family andin the process of seeking social affiliation from his father, hebreaks down and becomes homeless (Lopez).His story depicts many other homeless people who like him suffer fromother ailments especially mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Theillnesses put these people at a more disadvantaged position in termsnutrition, shelter and self-sustenance (Gale).More often than not, the homeless are despised and cast away by thesettled without the knowledge or background underlying the situation.In as much as some homeless people may have been outlaws or fugitivesin the past, most of these people are not homeless by choice or wayof life but rather due to circumstances which forced them to be soincluding severe famine leading to migration to new places, or civilunrest resulting to refuge seeking behavior or family loss among manyother causes(Gale).

However,this is not the only end to this desperate life. A ray of hope shineson the horizon. The same way Nathaniel Ayers music talent wasdiscovered out on the cold streets, gives a glimmer of hope to allother homeless people that they can be able to cling on to thatbelief or expectation that something good can come out of them sooneror later.



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