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Reasonsfor Abortion

Abortionis the act of terminating a pregnancy by the removal of the fetusbefore it can be able to live outside the mother’s womb. Abortionscan happen either spontaneously termed as miscarriage or inducedtermed as abortion through the use of medication or surgicalprocedures.

Thearguments for and against abortion have been a cause for the variedlaws which allow or prohibit abortion in various countries and stateswith some legalizing it while others indicating that it is a criminaloffence. First and foremost, people should understand that legally,abortion may not be observed as murder since the unborn cannot befully defined as a human being [ CITATION Suz95 l 1033 ].This means that in the case where the pregnancy threatens the life ofa woman, then it is imperative that abortion be carried out in orderto save that woman. In addition, it is important to provide thechoice of whether or not to have a child because all in all thehealth of the mother is the priority [ CITATION Joh99 l 1033 ].

Sexualand reproductive health rights have further put more emphasis on theright to make free and responsible reproductive choices. It istherefore not right to impose the pregnancy to a person who does notactually want the baby. In some situations, abortion can beconsidered a responsible act especially if the mother knows rightwell that she cannot be able to provide for the child adequately.Furthermore, the lack of access to reliable methods of contraceptionor failure of contraceptives to work as expected leads to unwantedpregnancies hence forming a basis that supports abortion. In cases ofrape and incest, is it right to force a woman to keep the pregnancyyet it is unwanted? The answer is no. The child faces a great risk ofneglect and physical abuse if born.

Lastbut not least, abortion is a very safe procedure and the reality isthat banning abortion poses a great risk to the health of women Thisis because whether legal or not abortions keep occurring and banningthis practice will force a change in health seeking behavior whichmeans that pregnant women will seek abortion in surreptitious andunsafe places. These unsafe practices and lack of post abortion careaccounts for the death of thousands of women [ CITATION Sus12 l 1033 ].


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