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TheUngrateful Son


Afamily that doesn’t have love, honesty and respect, can beconsidered worthless. It could lead to tragedies in domesticviolence. An ungrateful son is considered a disgrace. A son has tohonor his father and mother and ensure respect exists within thefamily.


Joshuais the third born in a family of five children. His two brothers areJade and Jackson. His two sisters are Lilian and Linet. Joshua isloved by both his mother and father more than any other kids. Theparents treat him well more than the rest. The parents actdiscriminately towards the other kids since Joshua was the brightestof them all. Whenever he commits any wrongdoings, Joshua does not getpunished instead he is warned to stop. But since he was bright, hisperformance in class was good hence the parents continued showingmuch love and discriminating against the rest. The other kids werenot that sharp in class but had different talents. Due to thediscriminations, the others do not venture into their talents wellenough. The other kids were also jealous of Joshua and most of thetime ganged up against him. When going to and leaving school, theyleave him behind. On his part, Joshua did not care about the rest aslong his parents were backing him. While other kids were being canedwhenever they do a mistake, Joshua was left out. He began forming abad character, abusive to others and lacked respect. He would getinto quarrels with his siblings but not get punished for it. Thedomestic situation worsened each time and did not change even whenthe kids grew much older. There was a 2 year gap all the kids andafter going through college all of them started being independent.

Joshuabecame an economist in one big company. His sisters became nurses.His brothers, one a mechanic and the other an artist. With all ofthem being independent, their parents were left alone in their home.Though Joshua was financially better than the others, he did notvisit his parents. He grew detached from the rest of the family.Efforts to contact him did not bare any fruits. All his siblingscould visit their parents and bring them gifts among other needsexcept Joshua. Joshua began taking alcohol as he adopted an evenworse behavior. He did not consider marriage or even attend any ofhis brothers’ weddings. His behaviors worsened, drinking too mucheven in the workplace and participating in other bad acts. Aftergetting several warnings, Joshua is fired and becomes jobless. Sincehe had grown detached from the rest of the family, Joshua remains inhis expensive house and starts venturing in illegal dealings. He robspeople, involves himself in drug trafficking among other acts. Hebecame a most wanted criminal in the region. Disturbed by this, hisparents begin looking for him before it was too late. Joshua does notstay in one place. He moves around so as to evade the authorities.But he does not entirely succeed in running from place to place. Heis caught and killed in gun fire. The parents regret not punishingtheir son whenever he did wrong. He was given too much freedom hencegot spoilt in the process. Joshua is ungrateful for all the love andcare his parents gave him. He does not respect his siblings andparents. The ungrateful son he was suffered a shameful death.


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