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TheUnhappy Brother

Connoris a young man who has had a sorrowful childhood beginning with theloss of his parents. Following this event, Connor was adopted by afoster family. Everything was apparently smooth until the arrival ofa newborn to the family by the name John. This marks a significantmilestone in the anger, hatred and jealousy that develops within himalthough he keeps it hidden. It is evident that Connor is neglectedand he believes it is because he is not a real son to his adoptedfamily, unlike John who receives all the attention, love and carethat the parents can afford. However a turn of events occur whenJohn’s parents, who are Connor’s adopted parents pass away.

Atthis Juncture, Connor becomes the sole breadwinner and caretaker ofthe family. He is burdened with the responsibility to take care ofJohn as well as provide for the household expenditure and bills.Noting that in this scenario, Connor has to take care of the personwho he feels snatched away love and attention from him but he does itanyway. This does not come easy and therefore Connor decides to lookfor a job to sustain their life. He encounters difficulties includingthe challenge of working in three different jobs as a waiter, aconstruction worker and as a security officer. However, he perseveresuntil John is through with high school education. But the challengesand obstacles to not end here. John does not seem to appreciateConnors’s efforts and he stays at home doing nothing other thanplaying video games, taking alcohol and abusing illicit drugs. Thusfurther fuels his hidden anger but he still keeps it hidden.

Inthe final conflict, Connor has held the pent up stress, anger andemotions to a point where he becomes overwhelmed. He sees no otherway other than facing John and dealing with him. In a twist ofevents, John does not appreciate the confrontation and a brawl ensueswhere the two engage in a physical fight which is characterized byJohn hurling verbal insults at Connor who feels that thediscrimination has become too much so he leaves the scene and goes tothe restroom where he makes the decision to take his own life. It isat that moment of discovery that John now realizes the effects of hisactions to the loss of his last dependable member of his family.

  • The catalyst is the birth of John who diverts the love and attention from Connor

  • Problem of the story – Neglect, lack of love and respect

  • First step taken by protagonist is looking for a job to facilitate the education of his brother as well as obtain a livelihood

  • Obstacles included the loss of parents, struggle to educate John as well as lack of respect and assistance from him

  • Connor moves forward by not letting the anger deter the accomplishment of responsibilities

  • The fact that he was able to see his brother through high school education revitalized his efforts.

  • At the end of the act the crisis that ensues involves the case where John engages in inappropriate behavior that irks Connor the more.

  • Final conflict is when Connor confronts John and they strive

  • The hero triumphs by being able to overcome his fears and confront his brother, letting him know he was doing wrong

  • Connor partly achieves what he wants which is letting John know what he has gone through although all doesn’t end well for him.

  • The problem gets answered by the regret and realization of John about his actions


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