Instructor`s name Beat Sheet



Forthe Narrative short film




(Theincident is based on family issues with the main moment beingConnor’s unhappiness of John’s behavior. John’s behaviors havemade Connor unhappy and moody)

  • Thesis: Connor comes back from work only to find the house in a mess and his brother John drained in alcohol. He works in three separate jobs i.e. security, waiter and construction worker to take care of John and himself

  • Antithesis: John was highly favored with his parents and their death stressed him too much. He drains himself in alcohol flashbacking on how well he was when his parents were alive

  • Synthesis: Connor appears stressed and tired of John’s behavior. After graduating from high school, John does not look for a job and stays at home drinking alcohol, drugs and playing computer games. Connor is very annoyed with this behavior

Plotpoint 1 (End of Act 1)

  • Thesis: Connor checks the refrigerator only to find it empty. Almost all the alcohol was finished. He then enters John’s room to confront him on why the house was messy. He has a high temper brought about by previous mistreatments from his adopted parents.

  • Antithesis: He also reminds John, how he works tirelessly to improve their standards of living. Taking up three jobs just to provide their needs and yet John does not do anything

  • Synthesis: John retaliates and tells Connor to leave him alone and mind his own business. He is still sulking and does not seem to care too much on what Connor thinks



  • Thesis: Connor flashbacks on how his parents mistreated him since John was born. He was discriminated within the family and this angered him so much.

  • Antithesis: Connor is also jealous at his brother, since he was treated much better and fairer.

  • Synthesis: John hides behind his parents love to disrespect Connor his elder brother. He always got his way even after committing a mistake.

PlotPoint 2 (End of Act 2)

  • Thesis: Connor is the unhappy brother who carries much anger all suppressed in him since his childhood days.

  • Antithesis: As he takes a drink, he hits the glass on the table flashbacking on how his parents hated him

  • Synthesis: He storms into the room to quarrel with John, trying to establish what he wants. The two brothers fight after Connor deciding he has had enough of John’s behavior



  • Thesis: Connor is quite annoyed and frustrated by his brothers attitude, he draws further argument

  • Antithesis: John does not realize his mistakes and continues quarreling without giving much care

  • Synthesis: They end up fighting violently


  • Thesis: As they are fighting, John rasps insults to Connor. His insult does not help out in minimizing Connor’s stresses.

  • Antithesis: Stressed to the core, Connor decides he has had enough of it. His patience has run out and he enters into the rest room to commit suicide. He has had enough of John’s attitude combined with the suppressed anger from childhood. He prefers to commit suicide.

  • Synthesis: John is shocked by the act and now realizes his mistake. He is full of regret. He regrets behaving in a badly manner and not helping out Connor when it mattered most. Due to his behavior, he now has no family left.