It is not easy to understand blood pressure; blood pressure is also referred to as hypertensio

Itis not easy to understand blood pressure blood pressure is alsoreferred to as hypertension. For a person to keep blood pressure incheck, it is vital to know what levels are considered to be normaland when the blood pressure can be said to be very isnecessary for one to learn some of the basic concepts, so as to beable to read and understand the numbers of your blood pressure.Rubin, (2013).Cholesterol and the body mass index (BMI) are also somekey factors of or health that we also have to ensure that they are inproper control.

Keywords.Hypertension, blood pressure, diastolic. Cholesterol, body massindex.


Mypersonal blood pressure number was 110mmHg for the top number and 71for the lower number. My blood pressure was in normal condition asshown by the numbers that I got. In most cases, the normal readingfor the blood pressure should indicate, a top number that is slightlylower than 120mmHg, and the bottom should be lower than 80.One isconsidered by the American Heart Association (AHA), to have a normalblood pressure if the systolic and diastolic have been found to bewithin this range. Moore,(2001).

Numbersthat are higher than 120/80 calls for alarm, this is because theydemand that you start taking on a heart-healthy habit. When thesystolic which is the upper number is between 120 and 139mmHg or thediastolic which is the lower number is found to be between 80 and 89,it indicates that you have prehypertension.

TheBMI or the body mass index is a figure or value that is a resultantof the weight regarding mass and the height of a person. The BMI isusually the mass of the body divided by the height of the bodysquared. The units are expressed in kg/m2.the mass is usually inkilograms, and the height is given in metres. A BMI of 25.6 isbetween normal and overweight .if rounded off to the nearest wholenumber it falls into the category of overweight. The BMI ranges whichare commonly accepted are under 18.5 is underweight, 18.5 to 25 isnormal weight, and 25-30 is overweight. These figures justify ourconclusion of 25.6 to be healthy or overweight.

Alipid profile test or a lipid panel are also other names used torefer to the cholesterol test.They are usually composed of bloodtests, which are necessary to measure the exact levels of the mainforms of cholesterol. The information gotten from the tests is usedto correlate with personal and the history of the family .the testscan help to predict some personal risks in case of a heart disease,stroke and even a heart attack. The information helps doctors todesign a diagnosis for their patients. Ferrera, (2004).

Acholesterol scale of 161 can be considered to be some good news. Thescale is lower than the standard .the standard scale is 200mg/dl.Aperson on such a scale is considered free of the risk ofheart-related disease and stroke. Fox, (2007).

Normalblood pressure is not a good reason to sit back and relax. Preventivemeasures help to maintain their blood pressure at a range that isnormal. Blood pressure which is at an average range contributes topreventing heart disease and hypertension. Healthy weight is alsorecommended it can be achieved through exercise and diet.Cholesteroland obesity can be control if we decide to change our lifestyles andtake healthy meals instead.


Everyonedesires to have a healthy life. Most of the diseases that affect mancan easily be avoided or prevented against. Healthy food and a lot ofexercises help a lot to ensure our body develops immunity againstdiseases. Hypertension is real and claims many lives but can beavoided if we eat and live in a healthy way.


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