Job Application Cover Letter

JobApplication Cover Letter


JobApplication Cover Letter

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NurseUnit Manager,

CleaverSt, Carnarvon WA 6701



Iwrite this letter for purposes of submitting a job application forthe candidature position of Registered Nurse Position No 613217,under Level 1 Section 4 Classification at Carnarvon Hospital. I mustconfess that I am very motivated to engage in the formal practice ofa clinical coordinator at your hospital. I am also confident that myqualifications would enable me to meet demands and expectations ofthe job position. Besides being highly motivated, I am an energeticnurse, keen to serve and offer quality and advanced clinical patientcare&nbspin line with set standards of the practice of WA CountryHealth Service (WACHS). I fully understand that WACHS remains aleading health system in Australia and on the global platformproviding medical services and cover relating to aged care, mentalhealth, aboriginal health, and general population health toAustralian locals.

Achief academic qualification that I have, which facilitates myeligibility for being a registered nurse under provisions of theNursing and Midwifery Board of Australia is a Bachelor ofNursing&nbsp(BN) degree from the University of Queensland. My otherqualification that matches closely with the requirements of the jobposition includes a five-year experience in the professional nursingfield at Mercy Hospital. During the time, I managed to acquireinvaluable on-the-job experience relating to but not limited totriage competency as well as&nbspAdvanced Life Support (ALS)certification for both adult and pediatric resuscitation. While atMercy Hospital, I served as the clinical coordinator charged with theduty of organizing the job schedules of other nurses, enabling me tobe accountable for required use of hospital resources. Thisexperience, I believe would be instrumental in enabling me carry outthe required role of shift coordinator and contribute towardsdevelopment and maintenance of competencies and organizational skillsby other nurses. As such, I had an invaluable opportunity forbuilding and improving my interpersonal, planning, leadership anddecision-making skills which would be instrumental in improvement andresearch programs from a group perspective. My involvements withinthe hospital also enabled me to maintain clear and adequatecommunication lines with the patients and their families, which attimes involved traveling within the region and engaging in patienteducation programs. I must also indicate that I have a valid driver’slicense. After reviewing the job description, I believe that I havethe necessary skills, training, and experience to handle the NursePosition No 613217. As per your desirable requirement, I am devotedto progress my academic qualifications as I have made an applicationto commence Master of Nursing&nbsp(MN) studies at the University ofQueensland, beginning June 30, 2016 (semester 2). Regarding computerskills, I must mention that I have had to train in InternationalComputer Driving License (ICDL).

Undeniably,I would love to make progress in my career by being employed by areputable medical center like the Carnarvon Hospital. I believe thatI am a hardworking individual, able and willing to work with minimumsupervision. I remain self-assured that I can make worthwhile andpositive contributions to the growth and development of the hospital.Then again, I must confess that I am yet to engage in theestablishment of a family as such, I am highly flexible regardingmovement and or accommodation. I also acknowledge and support thecommitments of WA Country Health Service regarding according to EqualOpportunity to all in employment and service delivery. Indeed, andthrough the course of my life, one value I always hold is that ofintegrity.

Iwould be happy to receive a response from you, over and above achance to elaborate my skills, competencies, and achievementsfurther. Again, it remains a strong desire for me to work with theCarnarvon Hospital as a registered nurse.

Thankyou for your valuable time and consideration.