Knowledge Management


System (KMS) involves intellectual capital valuecreation. The knowledge obtained is shared with customers, companymanagers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders who may needthat information (Kroenke, 2015). KMS is usually employed in deskservices, which are used in companies to answer queries and insightsboth internally and externally. They are used to give quick answersto commonly asked questions about the company and its products.

Content Management Systems (CMS) on the other hand are used in themanagement and delivery of documents such as web pages, reports andother documents which entail employee knowledge (Kroenke, 2015). Theyare usually used by companies selling complex products such asautomobiles and have the need to share their information to theemployees and customers. Content Management Systems have hugedatabases as compared to normal KMS. These systems contain documents,which do not exist in isolation from each other. They areinterrelated and a change in any document requires the change in theother documents. Therefore, linkages must be created among files tosupport this interdependency and document consistency.

KMS has a vital role in improving quality and team’s strength. Thequality of a company is measured by the effectiveness and efficiencyof its processes. KMS enables sharing of knowledge amongst employees,customers, managers and other stakeholders. This faster knowledgesharing enables the employees less knowledgeable on a particularsubject matter to have instant solutions enabling them to achieve thecompany’s strategy. The instant solutions provided saves on timeand improve efficiency of employees. The customers are able to getsolutions to their questions about the company and products muchfaster, thus increasing customer satisfaction as well as saves thecompany a lot of money incurred if the customers decided to recallordered products due to lack of user manual guidance (Kroenke, 2015).


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