Leadership Interview Questions

Leadership:Interview Questions

Leadership:Interview Questions

Thefollowing interview questions are desired to assess the differentqualities of an effective leader from a rehab director, a viceprincipal of a private school, and an owner of a small business.

Fromyour own understanding, how would you define the concept of effectiveleadership?

Whatbasic characteristics do you think an effective leader should have?

Whatare the most significant values as well as ethics that you think candistinguish between an effective leader and an ineffective leader?

Canyou remember of a situation in which you feel that you responded likean effective leader? Kindly describe the situation and tell me alittle about the reaction you got from your followers.

Kindlydescribe one situation in which you believe you acted like a leader,even though you had not acquired a leadership title.

Kindlydescribe a situation in which you believe that you acted as anexample to your followers.

Howwould you differentiate between a leader and a manager?

Whatrole do you think leadership play for a manger?

Howdo you motivate your followers to pursue organization’s goals aswell as their personal goals?

Howmany leadership styles are you familiar with, and which one would yourecommend for someone wishing to become an effective leader?

Whatis your opinion regarding the general opinion that education plays arole in enhancing the effectiveness of a leader.

Whatstrategies do you use to earn dedication, trust, and assurance fromyour followers?

Whatdo you think is your greatest strength as a leader?

Whatdo you think is your greatest weaknesses as a leader?

Doyou feel more effective when you are in a group or when working onthe one-on-one basis?

Howwould you enhance cooperation among the team members who seem not toagree on a given topic?

Whohave you mentored to become successful in life?