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First response paper

The photograph titled the black and white kiss can be analyzed usingthe two different messages that are described by Barthes. Barthesdifferentiated photographs from pictures by saying that pictures arenot altered and they do not have texts to describe them. Forinstance, the photograph of a person is simply that person. Barthesstated that the message from the picture is normally clear andeveryone can easily get meaning from it by just looking at thephotograph. Barthes states that the photograph and the object that isrepresents cannot be separated and therefore there is message codebetween the two (Barthes and Stephen 18). In other words, the partsof the photograph cannot be considered as signs with coded message. Aphotograph is a perfect analogon of the object. Therefore, the mainmessage in a photograph is denoted. However, Barthes has identifiedthat photographs have a second message, the connoted.

The photograph in question can clearly be identified as of a manwearing black clothes kissing a lady with white clothes. It is clearthat theirs is a deep kiss and it is in an open space in the middleof numerous buildings. There are numerous other people in thephotograph. Some of the people seem to be surprised by the kissingand are looking at the two people surprisingly. Buildings can be seenin the background which indicate that the photograph was taken in atown setting or an urban setting. Although the faces of the twopeople kissing are not cleared, it is evident that the photograph isa perfect reflection of the objects. An impartial observer willeasily tell that the two people are a male ad a female. Thephotograph is in black and white mode. This implies that the colorsof the clothes might be different from the colors in the photograph.

The connoted message in the photograph can be assessed in terms ofthe setting, background, style and the pose. It is, however, worthnoting that the connoted message does not in any way represent themessage or the meaning of the photograph (Barthes and Stephen 22).More often than not, there are some things that are edited in orderto have a connoted message. The pose by the people kissing in thepicture has a connoted message. It is clear that the people areleaning and this is an indication that these people are in love.Additionally, the public display of a passionate kiss in the middleof the city is indicative of the love the two having. The appearanceof the photograph is also notable. The focus of the photographer wason the two people kissing since they appear closer than any otherobject in the photograph. All other objects in the photograph seem tobe behind the two lovers.

The background of the photograph can also be used as a connotedmessage. The background of the photograph comprises of numerouspeople and buildings who appear to be congested. This implies thatthe photographer created space for the photograph. This implies thefocus that the photograph has. It is not easy to focus on only twopeople in a busy town comprising of numerous people and buildings.The setting of the photograph is in an urban center. Thephotographer chose the style of black and white in order to make thephotograph simple and easy to understand. It is clear that thephotograph does not have numerous colors and this makes it simple andeasy to understand. Additionally, the photographer used varying sizesof the objects in the photograph. When one looks keenly, it isevident that the two people kissing appear bigger than the rest ofthe objects. This is aimed at having a central focus on the objectsthat the photographer wants the audience to see.

Another aspect that appears clear in the picture is the uniform wornby the man. It appears that the uniform is that of a navy. It isevident that the kiss is that of a reunion. Looking at the photographfrom a neutral view, it is easier to tell that the two have not beentogether for a long and their embrace is that of a reunion.Additionally, the people surrounding the couple are celebrating. Thisis an indication of the appreciation that the people have for thecouple.

In conclusion, Barthes analysis for the photography is special andapplicable. It is in no doubt that the photography is an indicationand a representative of the object. There is no way a photograph canbe interpreted differently. It is, however, worth noting that thereare software that can be used to change aspects such as resolutionand the contrast hence making changes to the photograph.

The two messages described for a photograph by Barthes are clearlyidentified in this photograph. It is, however, evident that thedenoted message is clear in a photograph than in other forms of artsuch as drawings.

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