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Emmaby Jane Austen

Thisnovel is based on a confined nature of a woman’s existence in earlynineteenth century in an English Society background where socialstatus was determined by reputation, wealth of an individual and hisor her family background (Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen).Emma is the main character of the novel. She is a woman seems to haveall the answers to everything except for matters relating to theheart. This novel is written with irony, humor and suspense. Austenensures the readers see the misunderstandings of the characters inthe story.

Thestory concentrates on domesticity and order rather thanromance.Austen’s emphasizes on order and less of emotion (Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen).This is clearly depicted in the story by Emma and her father and Mr.George knightly. To her, the significance of good marriage outweighsthe experience of love. Austen also uses the concept of suspense tocapture the imagination of its readers. For example at the beginningof the story both the readers and characters are not aware thatHarriet is the daughter of a tradesman (Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen).

Thereare numerous cases of sharp critical illustrations of biases ordesires of people that cloud their judgement. Take for example Emmadoesn’t comprehend the reason behind Mr. Elton’s behavior. In hermind she thinks that Mr. Eltonloves Harriet. Emma later realizes thatit was only jealousy which blinded her judgment and thoughts(Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen).The author also uses riddles in the story e.g. in chapter 9, Mr.Elton presents a riddle to Emma and Harriet, which is decodedimmediately by Emma as courtship (Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen).She believes it is meant for Harriet rather than herself, hence iswrong.

Wutheringheights by Emily Bronte

WutheringHeights is a romantic story of intense and demonic between twocharacters namely Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. Heathcliff laterbecomes a wealthy and polished man and carries out revenge on hisformer enemies (Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen).The narrator has employed a lot of symbolism, imagery and allegory.For example while Lockwood is staying in Catherine`s childhoodbedroom, he describes the bed as “alarge oak case, with squares cut out near the top, resembling coachwindows…”(Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen)this gives the reader an image of how the bed looks like.Inthe story Lockwood sees the house as a secure place away from hisenemies. He describes the place as&quotsecure against the vigilance of Heathcliff and everyone else&quot (Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen).Catherine’sbedroom thus symbolizes a secure place.

Brontesets the tone of the story to be dark and mysterious especially whereHeathcliff is mentioned. In the story Heathcliff is portrayed as alonely and vengeful person. He always thinks of the negative i.e. “Twowords would comprehend my future—death and hell: existence, afterlosing her, would be hell”(Behrens,Laurence.&amp Rosen).

JaneEyre by Charlotte Bronte`

Thisstory is a romantic novel based on a passionate lovestory between Jane and her employer, Edward Rochester.The author haswritten the story in a format of an autobiography. Her sentences andwords are elaborately intertwined. She manages to balance romancedrama and mystery to come up with thrilling story. The maincharacter, Jane is an orphaned young lady who at the beginning of thestory stays with her relatives then later gets married to a wealthyman (Behrens, Laurence.&amp Rosen).

Theauthor uses some element of demonic presence in the story. As we canread that Jane moves to live in her husband’s house. She claims toher spooky sounds every night like those of a ghost. However herhusband dismisses her that it’s the servant who makes those noiseswhen drunk (Behrens, Laurence.&amp Rosen). The tone of the storyis authoritative. She uses bold words and often the reader cancapture her attitude.

Similaritiesand differences

Allthree stories have a romantic theme. They are based on the oldEnglish society of the where women were confined. The stories havedilemmas and mystery. What makes each story unique is the differentissues being faced by the characters.


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