Legislation on Use of Marijuana




This letter follows the bill filed inthe house of senate seeking to legalize the use marijuana forrecreation and imposing up to, $50 million excise tax per ounce onproducers, growers and retail stores, introduced on 27th February2016. Given the fact that the same bill was introduced last year, butdied at committee stage, it will be important this time for housegive it full attention and debate on it. The bill is essential giventhe large public interest in the entire subject concerning medicalmarijuana. It will be essential if special time will be created onthe next to deliberate on the matter.

Although Public holds contrasting opinionson the legalization of both medical and recreation use of marijuana,the senate should legalize it. This is due many advantagesassociated with use of marijuana. Moreover, is essential sincemarijuana is known to have many medicinal values. According todoctors, marijuana effectively relieves vomiting and nauseaparticularly on cancer treatment, effect common after chemotherapy(Clark et al., 2011). Allowing its use will make it available to beused in such situations.

Furthermore, marijuana relieves musclesspasticity, which is associated with paralysis and multiple sclerosisand allowing recreational use of it will effectively reduce thesecase as many people will access and use it (Kamin, 2012). No anyavailable evidence to link the use of marijuana to the increasingcancer diseases’ risks especially if it is smoked without tobacco(Mikos, 2011). This proves that no any medical harm for smokingmarijuana. Lastly, there is increased debate on the need to legalizethe use of cannabidiol in the treatment of various diseases such ascancer. Passing the bill will enable the patients to access thiseffective drugs hence serving them against much suffering (Cohen,2010)

The opposing side urges that legalizingmarijuana will encourage its smoking. Smoking of marijuana has beenassociated with effects such as madness and hallucinations, whichencourages crime activities (Mikos, 2011). Marijuana is also illegaldrug and allowing its use is allowing the drug abuse. Marijuana isknown to be easily abused calling for the need for restrict measuresin its legislation (Clark et al., 2011). However, the introduction offine is meant to ensure marijuana is used responsibly, and most ofthese opponent issues do not occur.

Allowing the use of marijuana will allowthe pubic the ripe the many benefits associated with marijuana. Thisforms the base for the need of support for this bill to ensure itseals through the Senate.

Yours faithfully…………………………………………….

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