Letter of Intent Address

Letterof Intent





GrandCanyon University




Iam writing this intent letter due to my interest to pursue a Doctoraldegree in this institution, in the Healthcare administrationprofession.

Mymotivation to pursue this profession in the university is based onsome specific features that the institution enjoys. The universityhas the required facilities that will enable me to study the facultywithout much disruption. There are qualified and competent lecturerswho have the required skills and experience needed to ensure that Icomplete the course successfully. There are well equipped learningresources like the library and the laboratories meaning that all thecontents I need and the materials for the study are easily availablewithin the institution.

Healthcareadministration is a field that encompasses different duties withinthe healthcare industry. As a healthcare administrator, I will haveto lead, manage, and ensure that the public health systems have beenproperly administered in the hospital environment (Wolper, 2004).When I complete this degree, I will ensure that I coordinate allthese duties to ensure that the medical practitioners under myleadership have the required necessities that will enable them toexecute their services to the patients in the most effective andefficient way possible so that patients can be fully satisfied. Iwill ensure the smooth running of the healthcare system by ensuringthat the right things are done at the right time.

Iwill dedicate my time and effort to study the healthcareadministration profession and gather all the necessary informationthat may be needed to be successful in this field. Similarly, I willattend the necessary workshops and training organized by the relevantbodies to gain further knowledge in the field. This will enable me tofocus on the patients by identifying value in them and minimize thetime taken for them to be attended.

Ilook forward to a positive feedback from you.




Wolper, L. F. (2004). Health Care Administration: Planning,Implementing, and Managing Organized Delivery Systems. Sudbury,MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.