30March 30, 2016

Ms.Robin Pogrebin


NewYork Times

620Eighth Avenue,

New York, NY, 10018

Dear,Ms. Pogrebin:

Aspecial school based in Argentina would provide excellent educationand training for girls from impoverished backgrounds. Young womenneed support so as to finish their studies and pursue career goals.The Miss All-World Pageantwill continue to support the establishment of such programs.

CarmenSandiego, winner of the inaugural Miss All-World Pageant, has laidplans to create a school for disadvantaged girls in South America.Girls from the US can also enroll in the institution. The schoolwill be known as the &quotAll-World Academy.&quot Your readers willalso recall that the pageant was held in New York City. Due to thenoble aim of the project and the elite status of your targetaudience, the New York Times should feature consider featuring thisstory in your column.

Iam offering this story exclusively to the New York Times. I wouldkindly request for a response by April 6, 2016, if you areinterested. I would be pleased to set up interviews and provide youwith additional information. You may contact me by email at[email protected]or by phone at 123-456-7890.

IfI do not hear from you by April 5, 2015, I will contact you viatelephone to answer your questions and provide additionalinformation. Thank you for your consideration.


CountRupert von Count

Founder,Miss All-World Pageant