Main Leadership Development


Main Leadership Development


First,I am sharp at grasping new skills hence, I will be an asset to myorganization and colleagues. Besides,Center for Creative Leadership (2011)identified being resourceful as one of the 16 must-have qualities fora leader in the health care sector. Additionally, I am a person ofintegrity and a good public speak. Besides, I am also compassionateas more often I spend my time helping those in needs as well as doingvolunteer work. Centerfor Creative Leadership (2011) identifiedcompassion and sensitivity as the 10thmust-have quality for leaders in the healthcare sector. Beingcompassion is a great asset for me as it will woo people intosupporting my course of action as well as influence the way mycolleagues perceive me.


Mobilizingindividuals or networking is my number one weakness, and this meansthat I lack the power in numbers. Besides, I am a loner as I preferindoor activities such as reading and watching movies, instead ofhanging out with friends. The Centerfor Creative Leadership (2011), whenranking the most must-have quality for a leader did put buildingrelationship at number 9.


Theinternet and the social media presents an interesting opportunity forme as it will help me socialize and work on my networkingopportunities. While most of the leaders are into motivating peopletowards personal success, as a person of integrity, I think there isan opportunity for me to motivate people toward personal success thatdoes not neglect integrity and personal responsibility toward others.Besides the religious persons are neglecting their personalambitions such as being politicians or business moguls as they areviewing persons holding these positions as evil or polluted by power.


Currently,there is a shortage of professionals in my field of practice, andthis means that the few available ones are overworked. This present ahindrance to my leadership goal as I will lack enough time to networkand build relationships. Besides, many of my colleagues are taking upleadership courses and attending seminars and this means that thereare many of us fighting for the few available leadership positions.


Accordingto (Rowitz, 2006, 65) the Public Health CompetencyFramework&nbspIdentifiedcore competencies as including being an agent of change, having amission and a vision as well as having a strategy for causing one’sdesire change. I am seeking to develop my personal brand byidentifying the qualities I would like to posses such as integrity,hard work, and innovativeness as well as by attending seminars andworkshops to help me achieve these qualities. On the other hand,political competencies entail the ability to work within one’scommunity political structure, including the state as well as thefederal system. I would seek to know as many leaders as possible, andwhenever possible I will ensure that I have met these leaderspersonally within the next three years. Team building competenciesinclude skills directed towards developing teams, fosteringpartnership, alliance, and coalitions. It also entails mediationskills and the most important of them all: the ability to achieve agood working relationship with other people. For my team buildingcompetencies, I am seeking to change my attitude toward people suchas wasting my time and the view that I am self-sufficient. I willalso learn how to solve conflict instead of avoiding it as well as onhow to strengthen relationship such as by identifying the areas ofshared interest. For the personality factors, I will seek to improvemy relationship building skills by aspiring to spend more time withpeoples. I plan on becoming an outgoing person always seeking to knowwhat other people are thinking as well as what they are going throughin their personal, career or education life. On the other hand, forthe crisis abilities, I am seeking to improve my communication skillsby working on my composure as well as reassuring abilities.


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