Make Waiters Feel Good


MakeWaiters Feel Good

MakeWaiters Feel Good

Waiters`morale increases if they feel appreciated, valued and that thebusiness would be worse off without them. Rewards to show recognitionfor the good work increases motivation and encourages them to workharder. A good manager will go an extra mile of ensuring that theemployee, in this case, the waiter knows that what he or she is doingadds value to the company and that the employee cannot be easilyreplaced. The best way to convey this message to the employee is byhaving an intentional conversation with the employee on a dailybasis. While having such conversation, the employee should be madeaware that the work they are doing is excellent, and no one can do itbetter than them meaning that they are irreplaceable.

Showingthe employees that other people such as co-workers, the executives,and the clients need them too can go a long way in making theemployee feel good. To do this a follow up can be made on the clientsserved by a specific waiter to get feedback from them about theservice offered to them by the employee if the feedback is good thenthat information should be made public.

Challengingthe employee with tasks and showing your trust in them is another wayto make them feel good. When an employee is given a challenging taskand left to do it using his ways the employee tends to feel valuedand very significant in the company. Such employee knows that theyare not easily replaceable and are very productive.

Recognizingemployee as an individual is also paramount in boosting the employeemorale, and this can be done by rewarding an employee for good work.Moreover, waiters who show exemplary work can be asked to attend aseminar meant for the management or given a day off to rest after abrilliant performance.

Aftermaking waiter feel good they will reward you by working hard, beingpunctual to work, remain in the company for long and always be in ahappy mood when serving the customers. A happy and motivated employeeincreases productivity and is loyal to the business meaning thatcompetitors can not easily poach them.

Therating scale to measure employee performance can be in the form of afeedback questionnaire whereby the business stakeholders that isco-workers, management, and the clients rate the employee on a scaleof 1-5 that reads worse-average-good-very good-excellent.