Theissue of management is an important aspect in the running ofbusinesses and organizations in this day and age. For any firm to beefficient and fruitful, the management has to be very active in itsmandate. Through the years, there has been significant though agradual increase in the some women managers around the world. Womenwho are doing their work efficiently effectively manage a role thatwas known to be entirely for men. The work cited above gives ahistory of management of women especially in the United States. Thearticle written by Michelle V. Rafter provides an account of femalemanagers and their stories.

Theauthor explains to the reader all the efforts it has taken women toensure that they secure a place in the management profession. Theother explains that though women have succeeded in breaking into themanagement business, there still exist issues that pose a challengeto the women who are already in management or those who are planningto get into it. The information given on management by women willhelp in getting a precise idea of how the journey to the presentmanagement by women has been.

Thiswork will provide a basis for understanding the role of women in themanagement profession and what more needs to be done. The articlewill help in identifying an individual`s role in developing themanagement role when it comes to women. It will also be a basis ofreference for future studies. The information given will helpidentity how the number of female managers will have improved and howthe factors that cause objections to this effort by women havechanged.