Marketing Research- Snorkel product

MarketingResearch- Snorkel product

MarketingResearch- Snorkel product


Thecompany that makes the product has several objectives among theminclude:

  1. Providing an environment that enables people to maximize their contribution to Snorkel

  2. Identify the targeted consumer segment opportunities

  3. Provision of quality and innovative products and services internally and externally

  4. Snorkl is focusing on the provision of quality products at low prices to get more market share

  5. Provision of pollution-free products and environment friendly attitudes with a focus on the green footprint

  6. To affect the purchasing intent

Inaffecting the purchase intent, the company asks consumers about theirintention to purchase a product or service in the near future.Influencing the purchase intent is encouraged given that intent isknown to be closer to the behavior and thus even much closer to thedesired sale as compared to attitudes.

Thecompany has increasingly been implementing a green marketing strategyto the investors as well as heightening the ever-critical mediaexposure. The “snorkl” has an objective statement of being theworld’s leading snorkel manufacture and leading fitness company.


Inthis section, focus is on the description of the product in thedetails of the Snorkel product and it entails some of the unique andspecial features of the Snorkel as a product. The distinction betweenthis product and the other products are made. For a very long time,there has been difficulty in getting snorkels that can easily aid inbreathing, this snorkels different from the rest are made in a waythat allows easily breathing. Breathing through the mouth as othersrequire is something of the past. Through this snorkel mask, thebreathing is made too intrusive, comfortable and very hygienic.

The“snorkl” snorkel mask remains to be the best for breathingunderwater. It remains to be the first full-face snorkeling mask tofacilitate breathing underwater easily and in a natural way giventhat persons would easily land with their nose and mouth.Additionally, the snorkel mask is particularly is larger than therest to offer users an unobstructed and clear 180ofield of vision. The mask is made in a way to prevent it from foggingup by a double air-flow system which is identical to the system thatis applied in the domestic extraction fans.

Further,the masks have atomic aquatics venom frameless a feature that isdifferent from the other snorkel mask produced by the othermanufacturers. The snorkel has the ultrasoft silicone skirt with newface-seal geometry. It remains to be one of the newest models in theatomic mask line features, which is a co-molded skirt of two siliconecompositions, basically, a gummi, bear ultra-soft face seal and rigidsilicone skirt placed near the lens to allow for stability. Thesingle, tempered-glass lens in place helps in maximization ofvisibility.

Differentfrom the other snorkel a mask, this snorkel mask has several featuresamong them include the ability to cover the entire face and keep itdries. Further, most users prefer it because it has advantage ofallowing large field of view. Most of the users also find itcomfortable to use given that it allows for easy breathing throughboth the nose and the mouth. Owing to the breathing circulation, nofogging takes place and this is quite encouraging. The snorkel maskmade have dry top, which eventually prevent the water from enteringthus keeping the user safe.

Someof the masks made by the company such as Ocean Quest Arctic ClearHigh Definition Panoramic Purge Mask boasts of numerous featuresincluding the best side view. When using them, the clarity is justexemplary thus allowing individuals to spot others easier justthrough a glimpse. Further, they also have less tunnel vision effectwhich lacks in most of the others. One clear distinction is theperfect visibility and good peripheral vision that they have whilethe other snorkels lack.

Snorklensures that there is difference in the products it produces from therest. Some of the products have great packaging with the snorkelpackaged in a great hard case which is different from the other maskboxes. Additionally, some of the masks made by the company embracesuperior technology with a case being the atomic Ultra Clear SubframeMask. They are made in a way that they stand out among the rest asthey have no usual green tint observed in the rest. The lenses of theproducts are great and owing to the lack of the tint and the strapsof the mask fits well to properly cover an individual. Further, thesnorkel is made in a way that it has a great, simple and easy systemto tighten and loosen the strap.


Themanner in which an individual prices the product, service, orworkshop has massive impact on the sales (Buckley, 2007).Nonetheless, the pricing model can also lead to massive anxietyattack as well. One pricing strategy to be employed by Snorkl ispenetration pricing. In penetration pricing, Snorkl will set a lowprice to allow for increase in sales and market share. The companywill get hold of its market in this way. By doing this, Snorkl willset low price to have a boost in sales and increase the market share.Upon capturing of the market share, Snorkl can then considerincreasing their price.

Giventhat Snorkl has competitors in the market, it will increasinglyembrace competitive pricing as one of the pricing strategies. Snorklsets a price in comparison to its competitors. While setting up theprice relative to the competitors, a firm, just like Snorkl has threeoptions including setting lower price, pricing same or higher thanthe competitors.

Inorder to keep their customers and the consumers in place, the companyembraces the tiered pricing strategy. In this kind of strategy, theconsumer has the option of choosing between different versions ortypes of the same product or service(Fratto, Jones &amp Cassill, 2006).Through the strategy, the case of yes or no decision is turned into adecision of potential customer. Further, there is price anchor thatthis kind of pricing strategy gives the consumers. The consumers haveoption of spending a given amount of money or an alternative amountlike either spend $99 or $199 depending on what they can afford.

Snorklas a company increasingly make certain brands of snorkel products andthis brands stand out among the rest. With the best brands in place,Snorkl then applies luxury pricing as one of the strategies. Luxurypricing mainly concentrates on the aspirations and the image of thevarious snorkels that are made by the company. By buying the snorkelsat a luxurious price, individuals are buying their way into theSnorkl club or individuals getting to be part of individualsrecognized as part of Snorkl.

Theother pricing strategy that is used by Snorkl is the bundled pricingwhere the different snorkels are bundled together and sold at areduced price. Such pricing will seek to ensure that the companystands out to be among the well-recognized in the market. A commonmethod in this case is the buy one and gets one free promotions thatwill be employed by Snorkel. Notably, there are companies in othersegments that are getting into a the position of buy one get two freeand hopefully this should not be the case with the snorkl products.

Theprices that are set by the companies differ from one to another withthe prices set by the company as follows:

  1. Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Panoramic Purge Mask sold at $29.99

  2. Atomic Venom Frameless Mask at 169.95

  3. Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask for GoPro HERO Cameras sold at $79.90 while the competitors sell them at $128

  4. Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask at $114.95

Havingthe price differences helps in setting the products apart and are tobe preferred by the consumers over the rest or over their competitiveproducts.


Havingthe right objectives for the snorkl products in place ensures thatthey remain competitive enough and command the market. Criticalobjectives for Snorkl is that it provides an environment that willensure maximization of their contribution. Given the intensecompetition in the market, the company will only remain relevantthrough identification of opportunities in the targeted consumersegments. Further, they will also ensure provision of quality andinnovative products and services internally and externally. Ideally,the main objective that will thrust Snorkl is its focus on theprovision of quality products at low prices to get more market share.


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