Mechanical and Product Description Writing

Mechanical andProduct Description Writing

MechanicalDescription – Sharpie Highlighter

Body:Sharpie Highlighters – Fluorescent is used by school-goingstudents for making important points during revision and reading andfor office purposes on important topics. It is used for making lines,highlighting key points in a sentence, and may also be used forkeeping texts clear. The users will net have to worry about thefeature since the ink is ideal for marking and that it makes thetexts clear and easier to read. One smeared on texts the ink can dryquickly, which minimizes smudging and smearing. The color alsoresists from fading away on most paper.

Writing device: Sharpie Highlighter is a felt-tippedtransparent writing device filled with fluorescent ink. Most ofthese highlighters are available in bright colors, more often influorescent colors. This product, considering it is fluorescent, isfilled with fluorescent ink that glows under the dim or black light.Sharpie Highlighter – Fluorescent Orange are also available indifferent colors in red, yellow, purple, green, and blue. The Orangeones may appear greenish to the naked eye. Orange Highlighter is themost preferred for making a photocopy avoid making a shadow of theactual copy. Sharpie Highlighter is made with a retractable eraser orfelt tip at the opposite end of the felt.

Ink: The smear guard ink is used to keep the texts clear andeasy to read. The long-lasting barrel making up the larger part ofthe Sharpie Highlighter is purposed for providing a consistent andsmooth supply of colored ink to the felt tip. The Easy-glide chiseltip is for purposes of highlighting specific and key phrases andwords, and also for underlining lines and individual paragraphs. Whenthe user is taking notes, the Sharpie Highlighter is an ideal choicebecause of its convenient features. Again, the product isAP-certified and non-toxic.

ProductDescription – Brand Staple Remover

Product description: The Brand Staple Remover ischaracterized by a pair of plastic easy-grip wing-like features madeup of a high-impact metal and plastic. It is a great product foroffice use mainly purposed for removing a staple or staples holdingpieces of paper together. Its effectiveness if facilitated by thenotably designed features making up the product. It allows for quickstaple removal without having to cause material damage to the paper.The product essentially consists of two opposing plastic and metalpairs essentially mounted with steep wedges to facilitate firm gripon the staples. The design emphasizes on functionality mechanism andalso guarantees forceful clip without tearing the paper.

Product features: Two pair of pivoting blades interlockingeach other during the operation. The pivoting blades have chromeplating, which is hardened than the ductile wire strong enough. Thestrength ensures it is hardened enough to put up with the forceneeded to remove the staples. The piece made of sheet metal cutsusing the blanking process with a mechanical pressing on the staples,therefore, facilitating a press brake. The brand stapler remover withinbuilt magnetic staple remover, functional, and convenient,immediate staple-grabber action with a single touch of a finger, easyand quick, plastic handle firmly touching the pair of steel metals,100% satisfaction guaranteed, staples brand. The push style removesstaples without tearing the paper, chrome plated with metalconstruction and durability, chrome for longer protection, 2 yearswarranty

Product Specifications: Its efficiency is characterized bythese specifics:

  • Height: 6.5 inches

  • Width 1.4 inches

  • Length 5.8 inches

  • Weight 4.8 ounces

  • Color: variety, mostly black

  • Staples 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Lifts both heavy-duty and standard staples up to ¾” deep

  • Removes staples that binds up to 150 sheets