Medical Marijuana




Marijuana,Maryjane, Dope, Pot, Cannabis and Grass are among the most commonnames and slang associated with Marijuana. This topic fascinates mebecause I believe that the majority of people are not familiar with,or rather do not comprehend much about Marijuana. For many years,marijuana has been associated with psychotic behaviors and violencehence the society has always stigmatized it negatively. However,Marijuana is not naturally harmful and destructive as commonlyconsidered. Negative or positive effects of marijuana all depends onthe use and misuse of marijuana. I think it is time the societyabandon the negative perception of marijuana and see that it actuallyhas positive and legitimate medical use. By speaking about medicalmarijuana, its medical use and the indications from recent research,I will illustrate that it is good for medical purposes.

Marijuanais a plant that is scientifically referred to as Cannabis sativa. Itgrows naturally and hence referred to as ‘weed’ by most smokers.The main chemical compositions of marijuana are chemicals known asCannabinoids.Cannabinoids are used for medicinal and behavioral study. Thischemicals extracted from marijuana contain a psychoactive ingredientknown as delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinal (THC). THC is responsible forthe induction of a feeling of relaxation and euphoria in the brain.In some instances, Marijuana induces sleep, relieves pain as well asheightening senses. However, Marijuana is known to cause psychoticbehaviors as well as violence. This occurs in cases of Abuse. Thesemake the idea of making marijuana legal debatable.

Recentscientific research on cannabis indicates that it has a wide range ofmedical uses. The study, as reported by the institute medical studiesshows that there are more than 30 potential medical uses ofmarijuana. Smoking marijuana is said to decrease pressure in theeyes. This has made it an important treatment for glaucoma, a fataleye defect that causes blindness if left untreated. Hence it hashelped many glaucoma patients escape blindness. Also, with theintroduction of chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients, manypatients experienced nausea after undergoing chemotherapy. However,smoking marijuana helps subsidize and even stop the nausea. Despiterecent production of better and non nausea causing chemotherapydrugs, this marijuana remains one of the most substances used tocombat nausea for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Anothermajor medical use of Marijuana is being taken as a pain reliever. Inmost instances, it is used by cancer patients. Cannabis relieves painin cancer patients as well as induces a relaxed mood. It is said tomake patients lose anxiety and stimulate a feeling of well being.Cancer and AIDS patients have also adopted marijuana smoking as a wayof stimulating their appetite. These patients experience a lot ofweight loss due to treatment and opportunistic disease, hence theneed to feed and increase survival rates.

Eventhough marijuana has all these benefits, there are many other factorsto consider before taking marijuana. One of the main factors beingwhether the benefits of marijuana surpass the risks involved. Therisks involved are such as addiction, dependence and side effects.Lethal withdrawal symptoms are also associated with marijuana.

Comparingmarijuana to other drugs, there are fewer cases of deaths reporteddue to side effects than the drugs used to treat a given symptom ordisease. Am not saying that these drugs are bad or ineffective, theyare essential and beneficial and have been approved by theauthorities as safe for use. However, marijuana is much safer interms of deaths than these drugs. Having elaborated on the benefitsand the risks of medical marijuana, it is clear that it is time theworld should fully embrace the medicinal value of Marijuana.