Membrane Potential



  1. Starter questions

  1. The maximum energy is 80kj.

  2. The maximum energy is 20kj/mole in a bacterium per proton

  1. Given the bacteria, like most cell, keep their cytoplasmic pH constant regardless of the pH of the medium, take the pH of the cytosol to be 7.0 and calculate the maximal transmembrane potential of the bacterium under the following conditions.

  1. pH 7.0 the potential is zero

  2. pH 5.0 the potential is -13mV

  3. pH 4.0 the potential is -21mV

  4. pH 3.0 the potential is -28mV

  1. If 3 protons are allowed to enter the cell for each ATP generated, what is the maximal amount of energy that can be generated?

The maximum amount of energy in each ATP moleculeis 60kj/mole