Memorable Experience in my Education

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We all desire to be recognized for our efforts.Besides, it is not every day when a person gets their moment of fame.However, when that moment arrives, it is important to enjoy everysecond of it because some of this chances only come once in alifetime. My memorable experience in my education provided me withthat chance. We all recall those life experiences that affected ourlivelihood in one way or another. These unforgettable lifeexperiences are significant to an individual they generate differentreactions, and are educational.

It was during the prize-giving day for a writingcompetition, where I was a participant that I finally enjoyed thebest moments of my life. The theme of the competition was aboutpromoting environmental sustainability, and young people were urgedto develop ideas on the appropriate ways of conserving oursurroundings through writing an essay. The competition was conductedat national level, and only the best three essays would be awarded.Other three students from our school, who were also my friends, hadparticipated in the contest. We had sat together during the ceremony,and one could easily tell that we were quite anxious just like theother participants. The ceremony began with speeches from seniorgovernment officials who informed the audience of the importance ofthe environmental initiative that they were pursuing. Finally, whenthe moment of reckoning arrived, one of the directors read out thenames of students of the

best five essays and asked them to approach thepodium. My name was among them, but it was not until my fellowstudents confirmed that they had heard my name when I stood up.Everyone in the room was clapping as we went to the front. I wasoverwhelmed, anxious and scared that I might not have made it to thetop three. Luckily, when the guest called out the best three essays,I managed to be the second best. I was excited and grateful. I wasnot worried that I did not get the first position, but I wassatisfied with being among the best.

The educational experiences are significant indifferent ways. For instance, participating in the writingcompetition motivated me to work towards achieving my personal goals.I have always desired to contribute to making changes in my societyand through the essay my ideas became part of an environmentalsustainability initiative. I felt motivated to remain committed toachieving my personal goals. This experience is also significantbecause it provide me with an opportunity of recognition. In my life,nobody had ever recognized my efforts. At home, if I did anythingpleasant, my parents would always see a mistake I had done or show mea better way of doing it. I had lost faith in myself and even whensubmitting the essay I just did it because my friends were alsoparticipating. My parents now understand the importance ofrecognition and appreciate whenever I try to help. The educationalexperience is significant because it has taught me the benefit ofempowerment. The competition targeted young people, and the directorsof the program said that they got an overwhelming response from theyouth. They said that we all had excellent ideas that would promoteenvironmental sustainability. Although not all participants could bein the leading position, the competition empowered them to continueprotecting the environment.

Emerging among the best in the writing competitionwas quite educational. The experience has taught me the power ofpositive thinking and believing in oneself. Most people do notbelieve in themselves, which makes them vulnerable to any externalforces and pressures. However, when you engage in positive thinking,you develop your goals and prioritize on achieving them. I might havejoined the competition because my friends were also participants, butI had set some personal goals that I believed I could attain throughthe contest. Therefore, the educational experience always reminds methe importance of setting own goals and working towards achievingthem as they allow an individual to achieve personal satisfaction.The experience was also educational since it taught me to develop aculture of excellence that has helped in my education. A culture ofexcellence involves believing that you are a winner and despite anyform of challenges, you experience. As I was preparing my essay, mycomputer crashed, and I lost my draft. I did not have any backup andwas about to give up from participating in the competition, but amglad I decided to write another draft that ended up being among thebest essays.

In conclusion, memorable experiences are valuableas they teach us many lessons that we apply in our lives. We becomemotivated, learn to be appreciative, understand the value of positivethinking and remaining focused on achieving our goals. The memorableexperiences are unique and special in different ways, especiallywhere they make a difference in our lives.