My Biggest Dream

MyBiggest Dream

SinceI was young, I have been an adamant admirer of Information Technologyrelated issues. In our family, my father was an IT manager in amanufacturing industry, and I have for a long time worked hard to belike him. He has been my mentor in this profession, and he did hisbest to encourage me venture into one of the disciplines under ITmanagement.

AfterI had joined college, I came to understand that IT management is awide profession which has some disciplines under it. After joiningthe IT classes, my classmates and I were taken through various ITdisciplines. We were taught that IT has disciplines like ITconfiguration, business alignment, IT service management, ITfinancial management, sourcing, and IT governance (Abu-Taieh, Sheikhand Abu-Tayeh 2009). After going through these courses, my interestwas on business IT alignment. I wanted to get into differentorganizations and help them achieve the organizational objectives byusing information technology. I wanted to ensure that businessesimprove their financial performance by ensuring that the acceptablefinancial performance measures have been linked to the informationtechnology that is in use. I did my best at the campus and attainedthe best grades that made me be absorbed in the job market as soon asI left college.

Inthe job market, I have learned a lot in my profession and even gone astep ahead to coordinate the activities of the IT department in thecompanies I have been working. My dream came true when I became theIT manager in one of the common enterprises in the state. It is adream that came true as I had the passion for the IT profession sinceI was young.


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