My Church Journal- Sunday 6th March 2016


My Church Journal- Sunday 6thMarch 2016

Today, I attended the worshipservice at New Shiloh. This was actually my second time. My firstattendance was not very interesting, nevertheless, today’s serviceseems and feels interesting.

The main instrument is the organaccompaniment. This form of accompaniment is appealing to me becauseit makes the music atmosphere to be very solemn and it also ignites amysterious feeling. As Searcy and Henson (2009) argue musicaccompaniments evoke positive emotions to listeners which makes themenjoy the music.

The Songs

We began by singing the song‘’Praise, Praise, Praise&quot a fast-paced song. Foremost, thepercussion drum initiated the singing. The Piano them followed andcreated a cheerful atmosphere. Everyone was singing and enjoying themusic.

We also sang &quotLet Mount ZionRejoice&quot. I think that this song fits the description of aclassical song. The integration of hormones and vocal range made thesong to be more melodic. In this song, the singing begun with thechorus, then followed by the soprano solo, after which the cello soloand tenor solo followed and finally the chorus. My favorite part iscello solo and soprano solo, which was peaceful.

Other interesting occurrences

Two cure new born babies came tothe service. The looked so healthy. I did not know what ceremony wasgoing on, however it seemed like baptism. An interesting aspect isthat when the minister introduced the babies they did not cry butwere very quiet. I assumed they were also listening and waiting forthe congregation to pray for them.

This was my first time to witnessa congregation praying for young children. I could hear them ask Godto help the children to receive God. There was so much warmth in thechurch. I really loved the service, essentially the singing.


Searcy, N and Henson, D, 2009,Ignite: How to Spark Immediate Growth in Your Church, Baker Books.