Nikola Tesla



NikolaTesla was a Serbian-American inventor who gave science some of itsgreatest technologies from electricity supply systems to alternatingcurrent and Tesla coil. His inventions led to the improvements andcreations of things that are used in our day to day lives (Carlson,2013). In my opinion, in my opinion, Tesla is one of the mostinfluential people both in his time and today given that he was acreative genius who’s inventions have continued to shape the fieldof electronics today.

Teslawas born in 1856 Croatia but later in 1891 became a US citizen. Hehad photographic memory and was able to visualize intensely he wasthus known for his mental abilities. He realized that that his mindwas powerful when at one point he visualized an apparatus, he thendid a test run for the apparatus, disassembled it, run a check forits proper action and wear, and without redesigning the apparatus, heassembled it together and it worked as perfect. Tesla’s mind was sopowerful in that if he thought of an object, he would see itsappearance just as solid and massive making a permanent record in hismind. During his inventions, Tesla would work with all the blueprints and specifications in his head when the invention isassembled it would work perfectly.

Teslais viewed as one of the most important contributors to the birth ofcommercial electricity due to his developments in the field ofelectromagnetism. This makes him so creative as his revolutionarydevelopments are still in use to today he used to quote that thesecret of invention is to be alone and in seclusion because that iswhen ideas come. In his opinion, a creative mind and originalitythrives in an interrupted solitude (Tesla, 2012).

Duringhis inventions, he would work continuously without vacations hewould sleep for one or two hours a day then resume to theories. Tesla is exceptional as he would neither use mathematical tables norslide rule in his computations. He used his head to judge thedimension of objects to a hundredth of an inch and to perform thedifficult computations.

Teslais also known for his showmanship which earned him a reputation inthe popular culture as an archetypal ‘mad scientist’. In hishonor the SI unit magnetic flux density is named after him. He alsoregarded as the genius who lit the world and a humanitarian geniusthis is because he is taken to be a unifying force and inspirationfor nations in the name of peace and science.

Teslafirst showed the world his developments through his introduction ofpolyphase alternating current also known as the AC current. Teslawhile working with his friend Thomas Edison, he pointed outweaknesses of Edison’s DC current electrical powerhouse. In hisopinion, the future was in the AC current which was more advantageousas compared to the DC current in many ways. For instance, the DCcurrent flows were in one direction and could not be transported morethan two miles because it could not step up to the high voltagelevels required for long distances. On the other hand, AC currentcould change directions up to 50 times in 60 seconds and it couldalso step up to vary high voltage levels required for long distance.In this regard, Tesla developed a polyphase alternating currentsystem of generators, motors and transformers and held 40 basic USpatents on the system which was later used by George Westinghouse tosupply America with electricity (O`Neill, 2010).

Thisbrought war between Edison’s DC current and Teslas AC current,however as it emerged later, Tesla system won and AC was said to be asuperior technology. He demonstrated by illuminating the entire NewYork World’s fair in 1899 using his safe apparatus. The system isnow widely known as ‘Tesla Polyphase System’.Anotherdevelopment brought about by Tesla is his invention of the rotatingmagnetic field it happens to be a physical principle in physics andalso one of the basics in all devices that use alternating current.He adopted this principle for the constructing of alternating currentinduction motor and the use of electrical power.

Atthe end of 19thcentury, invented an original system of transmission of energy bywireless antenna for invention of radio, he obtained full patentrights granted by the supreme court in 1943. In his description,Tesla said that the transmission is not only for human voice but alsoimages. He also designed some devices that evolved into the powersupplies that operate our present day televisions picture tubes. Inthis regard, the first ever primitive installations were built usingTesla’s principles mainly regarding frequency and power level.Other inventions include the ignition automobile system, unique fuelburning rotary engine which would pass as the world’s mostefficient gas engine among other inventions.

Itis through Tesla’s ideas that many complex and variety of productshave been created and thus hard to argue against his creativityprowess. He developed and finalized ideas in his mind first beforehe could test and model it in real life. He had the ability toquickly solve problems, fashion products which ultimately end upbeing acceptable in a culture setting. This perfectly describes acreative mind. Tesla was creative in one domain which is electronicsand it through this man’s creativity, power of imagination andextra ordinary visual thinking powers that that we are able to enjoytodays’ technological advancements.


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