Nurse Practice



Howdo you fit in the increased proportion of nurses with a baccalaureatedegree to 80% by 2020?

Inorder for me to be among the desired and highly regarded betterprepared nurses, then I would have to advance in my education bygetting a BSN. This would in essence elevate my reputation in theprofession and be in a better position to make decisions that concernmy patients. By advancing my education, my competencies would also beviable thus increasing my level of professionalism when dealing withthe patients. In any case, my career in nursing will also advancethereby enabling my skills to be on a notable level which is higherthan the standard education level mandated by the profession. In thisregard, I will provide quality health care that is well reasoned tothe patients which will ultimately play a major role in reducing thecommon mistakes that nurses make in their practice (McNamara, 2000).

Doublethe number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020.

Attaininga doctorate degree in nursing is one of the most effective ways thatcan be used in nurse practice transformation this is becauseadvanced education, especially attainment of a doctorate in nursinghelps in building the profession’s reputation. In this regard,nurses should be made aware of the benefits of acquiring a doctoratein nursing education including financially and professionally relatedbenefits as a nurse practitioner. With this awareness andsensitization, many nurses will enroll for the program doubling thenumber of nurses with a doctorate by 2020. To be part of the highlyreputable nurses, I will enroll for the doctorate program once I’amdone with my BSN.

Ensurethat nurses engage in lifelong learning.

Life-longlearning in the nursing profession involves facing various encountersin different circumstances in their practice. For one to be called anexpert in a certain field, one must have a way to navigate thescenarios that they come across when dealing with different.Life-long learning comes with growth that ensures nurses are up todate especially with the changes that come with nurse practice. Intheir bid to enhance professional growth, nurses have to have apositive attitude towards their work which will help them inachieving their goals in their studies as well as their work ashealth care provisionary (Bell &amp Rix 1979). I am aware of theimportance of life-long learning thus I would ensure that I amdedicated to take the high road.

Withmy ADN my job opportunities are limited given the fact that mosthospitals and clinical settings are looking for better preparednurses who have advanced their education. Increasing my educationlevel by attaining a BSN would be of great importance as I would fitin that category of better prepared nurses. It has been establishedthat nurses with baccalaureate degree have better chances of beingoffered job opportunities as they are regarded as high level educatedand are at a better position to make well-reasoned decisions when itcomes to their patients.

Mylevels of education will be extremely crucial as the nurse practiceis dynamic this means that the health care systems needprofessionals who are well equipped with both knowledge andexperience (Shulman et al, 2013). In this regard, combining bothexperience skills and educational knowledge will improve greatly thedelivery health care services. In addition, life-long learning playsa big part in enhancing a nurse practitioner’s skills and elevatingcompetencies in their work.


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