Nursing – Cancer Concerns and Diagnosis

Nursing– Cancer Concerns and Diagnosis

PrimaryConcerns and Rationale

Thefirst principal concern for Ms. Smith is financial constraints whichwill bar her from accessing medical services and attention. She is apart-time elementary teacher and her health insurance will beexpiring in the following month. This means she will not accessmedical services given her financial status part time elementaryschool teacher and expiry of the health insurance. The rationale forabove concerns is that Mrs. Smith is 50 years old which makes it abit challenging for her to seek an alternative and lucrative form ofemployment. What is more is that she is taking care of four childrenaged 17, 15, 13 and 10 years old. In a near future, the children willrequire to join college and that proves a heavy undertaking given thepresent profession and career.

MedicalSurgical Interventions

Surgicalprocedures can be used to diagnose cancer at an earlier stage(American Cancer Society, 2014). Prophylactic or preventive surgeryis conducted to remove tissues and cells likely to proven cancerous.Preventive surgery would be an important medical intervention in thecase presented above. Most importantly for surgery is to eliminatethe palpable lump and any cancerous cells. Other medicalinterventions include chemotherapy, use of medications and drugs,and radiation treatment as discussed below.

Therapiesare significant for early cancer diagnosis. This is particularly incases where the breast cancer is detected at an early stage and hasnot spread to a larger extent. Radiation therapy is also important ineliminating spreading cancer cells and keeping them in control. Partof the medical intervention will be to use chemotherapy whereby drugsand medications are offered to counter the growth of cancerous cellsand tissues. The goals for chemotherapy treatment are cure, controland palliation meaning that patients with early diagnosis may yieldbetter medical outcomes (Quality Assurance Project, 2015).

WorstPossible Complication and Further Assessment

Canceris among the leading disease in the world today. In womenparticularly, cancer makes it difficult to breast feed and continuesto affect the psychological development of the mother. The worstpossible complication is that Mrs. Smith may finally succumb to thecondition if not given adequate medical attention at an earlierstage. She will lose the breast and therefore implanted with anotherset. Above are possible complications that will affect the victimeither in the long or short-term.

Constanttesting, diagnosis and examination is a clinical attempt to keeptrack of any further complications and to offer continuous medicalattention. Most cancerous tissues are radiated and surgicalinterventions discussed above. However, such cells re-grow proving assubstantial complications (Cancer Network, 2008). Some of them maycause serious health effects and death. Further assessment willrequire clinical surveillance, monitor and manage late long-termeffects, follow up care and management.

PharmaceuticalDrugs approved for Cancer Treatment

Steroidsare used quite often in addressing cancerous conditions. Themedications reduce swelling around the tumor, control symptoms, andhelp patients feel better (American Cancer Society, 2014). Steroidsare important in controlling sleep and helping patients manageperiodic dizziness, drowsiness and sleep. Above medication istailored off gradually meaning that patients have to constantly checkwith physicians and doctors in maintaining the appropriate intake ofthe drugs.

Bisphosphonatesare another important drug for cancer treatment. They relieve pain inthe bones and substantially reduce bone damage and destruction. Themedications are offered either through injections or tablets andmostly address bone marrow and other sections of the body wherecancer may hide only to erupt when in the least expected situations(Jacobs and Finlayson, 2011). Bisphosphonates therefore remaininstrumental in pain reduction, control of spreading and overallcancer treatment.

Acommon side effects in the consumption of steroids is osteoporosisand bisphosphonates are commonly known to cause flu-like effects onpatients. Unregulated consumption of both drugs may not achieve theoverall aim due to excessive or minimal intake which may notnecessarily destroy the tissues. However, bisphosphonates offeredthrough injections have proven to bear good outcomes in patientsmostly because they are administered in clinical and other healthcaresettings.


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