Nursing Leadership




Thehealthcare fraternity is advancing to tackle the increasinglycomplicated health systems established to promote affordable andefficient well-being to all. The entire world decries of healthcareprofessional shortages, impracticable health policies, inefficiencyin delivering health care services, inaccessibility of health care toremote areas and inadequate medical equipment in medical centersamong other prevalent challenges faced by the medical team (Kershaw,2013).Members of the nursing field will be energized to familiarize withthe existence of an umbrella organization America Academy of Nursing(AAN), undertaking to centralize all the activities of health caresector and targeting to transform the practice and policy through thenursing knowledge.

Aboutthe America Academy of Nursing

TheAmerica Academy of Nursing is an organization that serves both thenursing professionals and the public in nursing practice along withhealth policies through creating, synthesizing, nurturing, anddisseminating knowledge. The Academy comprises of more than 2,400fellows mostly accomplished in education management leadership,research and practice. The scholars include chancellors, hospitalchefs, political appointees, nurse consultancy, nursing vicepresidents and nursing executives. A10-member board of directorsgoverns the Academy having been elected to manage the finances andstrategic plans. Part of the AAN operating activities includeadvancing new concepts of the nursing health, examining the nursingdynamics, evaluating the interrelationship among segments within thenursing profession and interacting with nurses and patients. Inaddition, AAN explores the issues that affect the society in linewith the nursing, analyzes the nursing development, identifiesproblems within the sector confronts and proposes resolutionsincluding implementation of alternative plans (AmericanAcademy of Nursing, 2016).

TheGoals of the America Academy of Nursing

TheAAN operates around three primary goals collectively inclined towardspromoting better health. First, the AAN is geared towards influencingthe implementation of healthcare reforms aiming at achieving theTriple Aim of strengthening the patient care experience,recapitulating health populations and reducing the healthcare percapita cost. Secondly, this organization targets in leading thestrategies that collaborate with health sector stakeholders inaddressing a broad range of factors affecting the population health.Thirdly, AAN aims at positioning nurses to take active leadershiproles in leading changes and improving health, driving policy andhealth care forms part of the organization`s most crucial objectives(American Academy of Nursing, 2016).

TheRelevance of AAN to Nurse Leadership

TheAAN is among the central platform for nurse leadership. In fact,every aspiring healthcare professional might find AAN a strategicavenue to understand the dynamics of pursuing this careerestablishment thoroughly. First of all the organization is anexcellent resource center for all information on health and themedical profession. The nursing educators, practitioners,administrators, and policymakers are in constant need of updates, newhealth policy developments, new teaching methods and curriculum(Kershaw, 2013).For instance, the bi-monthly journals provided at AAN offerinnovative ideas that culture solution that the world needs. Itoffers fellowships and research in nursing geared towards producingmore nurse leaders that the present day demands. Additionally, theAcademy holds annual policy conference in October to provide bothmembers and non-members an opportunity to exchange ideas that assistin developing new workable strategies for nurses to drive the healthsystem transformation. The Academy offers emerging nurse leaders moreknowledge and platforms on the trending nursing practice just whatthe modern society requires.

Thenursing leadership begins with access to effective knowledge aspassed down from the expertise and the most accomplished healthprofessional individuals. The health care sector will keep onadvancing by educating nurses and giving them a lead role. A unifiedenvironment comprising of a broad range of professional individualsand research geared towards the constant transforming of the nursingpractice and policy stands a high success rate in achieving betterhealth the world dreams. The AAN is among the relevant institute fornursing leadership.


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