Nursing Process to Address Shortages

NursingProcess to Address Shortages

Everymember of staff has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. Poorservices or having a negative attitude towards the customer canultimately derail the career of the employee if the issue is notaddressed. The discussions to address the performance of a member ofstaff can never be easy if he/she is not in trace with how otherswill perceive them. There are different ways to use the nursingprocess to address the performance shortcomings. One can prepare inadvance for the discussion he wants to address to the staff member bygathering information on the issue one wants to talk about. In casethe issue is serious there is the need to have a representative fromHR present to address the issue together (Brounstein,2003).

Whena problem arise, it is appropriate to select time to have thediscussion of the incident when it’s still fresh in the staffmember’s mind. It is appropriate to make arrangements with thestaff members to have the meeting in a place which is private so asto discuss the problem and try to solve it. It is good to workjointly to come up with solutions to the problem (Graban, 2012). Allpersonnel needs to know and understand that there is full confidencein their working ability to improve and want to collaboratively workwith them. This will help in solving the problem. The employeesshould know that the behavior is not suitable for their performanceand needs to improve. In addition one should ensure that there iscommitment of the employees in their work. Also make sure that thereis a date set to follow-up and check on the work progress of thestaff members.


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