Opening a Business will lead me to further my Education

Openinga Business will lead me to further my Education

Openinga Business will lead me to further my Education

Mygoal is to open a family-owned day-care business in the future andrun it with excellent skills to make it successful. To lead from thefront, adequate knowledge regarding the enterprise is essential. Therefore, I will need to further my education in order to gaincertified knowledge about running an enterprise. When such knowledgeis certified, it gives the owner the confidence deserved for runningthe business (Musial, 2007). Certification is only done in schoolsafter completion of designated courses. In consideration of such, anaspiring proprietor will find it necessary to further studies.

Thegoal of starting the business will require me to gain managerial andtechnical skills. Running business like a daycarebusinessrequires technical skills on the subject matter (Musial, 2007). Theseskills can be learnt and experienced in a learning institution. Themore education one acquires, the more the skills, experiences,expertise and attitude one gains. These competencies make theindividual more confident and fit to run the business. Therefore,this raises the need for further studies.

Inaddition, I will need entrepreneurial skills because I will beopening and running a business. A proprietor is expected to be apolicy maker as the head of the business. Such policies areimplemented at the lowest level. This raises confidence of thesubjects over the proprietor and ensures that the asset is convertedto best (Musial, 2007). Therefore, this avoids confusion andduplication in the system. The genesis of these policies emanatesfrom institutions of higher learning and experience, hence justifyingthe idea of furthering education.

Moreover,further education will give me the confidence of competence. This isbecause further education gives self-actualization and confidence tothe proprietor (Musial, 2007). In other instances, it may be arequirement to have specific credentials to win the government`sconfidence to be entrusted with some professional businessesregarding young children (Musial, 2007). One also understands thestructures and requirements of the business intended for furtherstudies. In conclusion, further education will give me the knowledge,technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills required to startand run a business.


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