Paine, Common Sense

Paine,Common Sense

Paine,Common Sense

The paper is titled Common Sense by Thomas Paine. It waspublished in Philadelphia on February 14th, 1776.

The author created the paper as a way of reminding the people of thecontradictions on issues considered to be of significance. The authoraims at pointing out the lack of ‘common sense’ in decisions madeby humans since they do not see the impacts such decisions have onthem in the long run.

The intended audience is people in the society. They are targeted asa way of reminding them of the ineffectiveness in the decision-makingcapabilities. Human beings are targeted as they are the ones whothink and make the decisions but fail to consider the impact of suchdecisions on their wellbeing.

The author is trying to point out the fact that to a large extentpeople are to blame for misfortunes that befall them. He criticizesthe behavior of humans as that based on selfishness where they act ina way they think would be right when in real sense it is not. Theauthor is successful in passing the message since he uses relevantexamples to support his claims making it convincing. For example,there is the relationship brought out about society and thegovernment. Human beings are well off staying as a society ratherthan forming a government but still go ahead to do contrary to theright thing.

The document is appropriate for use as evidence historically as itdraws back to the origin of governments and how they came into being.The same reflects on the origin of the constitution and various formsof government.

The document is unbiased since it only seeks to point out the sourceof ills in society.

The advantage is that it gives an account of the origin ofgovernments.

The document fails to provide solutions but instead criticizes humanbehavior while not providing an explanation solutions.

Sources that could be used include those explaining the rationalebehind actions of human beings and what drove them to do so.

Sources of historical evidence used to amplify the same can be thosehaving accounts of the rise of governments in the world.

Overall, the piece of work is satisfactory based on how the authorelaborates his points. I liked it and was able to learn thatsometimes we are to blame for problems we encounter.